Come soak in the warm saltwater mineral pool & have the Temple as your private event space.

1-HR Swim & Soak

Local-to-Nederland Only; Special Rate  

Solo Float & Swim Therapy. We have all the equipment you need. 

It is $90/hour for up to 2 people to experience healing in the private warm saltwater.

Private Salt Swim & Soak


Children over 12

Private Pool Swim & Soak; 8 max

90-Min Private Swim & Soak. 6 People Max. Swim attire required. No events; sacred Temple swim time only. Guided Meditation or other facilitation available at reduced rate, ask during sign up. 


Children up to 2 years old included in price as long as there is 1 adult per child.

For extended time & more people, see 'Gathering' below.



All children over 2 count as a separate person, and each child until age 12 needs a corresponding adult.

Gathering, One Time: starts at $300

The event time is 3 - 4 hours.

Free swim and other festivities in the Temple... such as a Blessingway, Birthday, or Bridal Shower!

We have games, an outdoor hammock, meditation space, and can provide ceremony facilitation, food, magical herbal elixirs, tarot, or sound healing.  No alcohol permitted.

For healing facilitation during your event, such as Sound Healing: it is a $100/hour total.


We are not currently renting the Temple to any outside Healing Facilitators.



Children over 12


Come to the Temple at dusk, be surrounded by candlelight and the moon shining on the water.
Start with cacao and tarot cards read for you by Eliza.
Float in a hammock submerged in hot mineral water with steamy salt air surrounding you to aid your purification and breathing.
There is light-meditation guidance, aromatherapy, crystal-charged waters, and smooth sailing as you relax 
and travel into your spiritual body.
While you float, singing bowls will be played on your body and around you, vibrating healing ripples in the water. We move into a shamanic drum and song journey as your dreams manifest as reality.  You can dance in the water to embody your visions.
 Afterwards, have some fresh citrus water, nibble snacks, and rinse off in a shower to solidify your healing experience. Bring cozy blankets outside to the gravity chairs and fire (when weather permits) to star gaze in the clear mountain sky as you ground down to go home. 
$200 for 2
$50/person after
6 people max

I have been journeying back to my womb and my heart with the sweet guidance of this beautiful temple. Eliza sparkles with so much love and grace... creating the warmest space for growth and expansion. My home away from home. ❤️

 - Michelle Renee,

Alchemist & Yoga Teacher

A magical place of revelation that is guided by one of the most powerful 
and mystical woman I’ve encountered. The journeys facilitated here have left me with friendships and fond memories I will cherish always. The healing both spirituality and physically is something I appreciate in all aspects of my life. The blessed water and ethereal space that Eliza has offered is a place that welcomes all and the community that she holds is an amazing asset to the people of Colorado and abroad. Strongly recommend!

- Christina McHugh,

Student of Veterinary Medicine

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