Natura Sophia Lineage

Reiki Certification

Level 1, Level 2 & Master Teacher

Although it is called a Reiki training, students say that Eliza offers an organic initiation process into being a shamanic healerThe courses listed below weave traditional Usui Reiki teachings with Eliza's shamanic rebirthing lineage wisdom of Natura Sophia. She teaches you how to apply the ancient Divine Feminine consciousness to modern healing arts practices.


Eliza knows how to uniquely approach the healing path of every person in class. Honoring that a Reiki Training is for the healing of the practitioner first, she ensures that the Natura Sophia principles are deeply experienced for each student. You will surely be confident in your abilities, and well-cared for in the process.  

Reiki Level 1

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Reiki Level 2

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Reiki Level 3

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21HR: Level 1 Practitioner

Training & Certification


August 21 - 23, 2020

Nederland, CO

Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1 Training with a focus on Self-Love, Self-Care, Healthy Empathic Boundaries, and the  Divine Feminine 


(1) Online Webinar on August 10

(3) Days of Training

(1) Integration Follow-Up with Eliza

Reiki Training Instruction Manual written by Eliza


 $300 for the Training

$275 Meals & Lodging


Private Webinar

Level 1 Practitioner

Training & Certification


Available Now

Comfort of your own home

Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1 Training with a focus on Self-Love, Self-Care, Healthy Empathic Boundaries, and the  Divine Feminine 

Requires: Zoom App, Wifi, Google Drive access,

and a private space to meditate


Recorded Webinar Videos

(3) Live Attunement Calls with Eliza with Private Coaching

Reiki Training Instruction Manual written by Eliza


 $375 for the Webinar Training

After Purchase, Eliza will contact you to book your first attunement call, and give you access to the course.

Aquatic Womb Reiki 2

30HR: Training & Certification

focused on Aquatic Healing and Womb Wisdom


Next Dates TBA

Working in the healing arts, Eliza sees how traditional Reiki Training courses skip over the womb and the feminine consciousness. It is essential to know how to hold the inevitable rising of sexual energies with sacredness, integrity, and compassion. Hence, we are calling in health practitioners of all kinds to the Mermaid Temple of the Womb to further understand womb healing through your own personal experience of feminine dreamtime consciousness.  Facilitate healing the root of the sacred wound, of masculine and feminine, of separation, fertility, sexuality, Shakti, yin, sensuality, and related traumas. This is the healing of our "Me too" era. We will be learning in the warm saltwater.


 Online Group Sessions

Weekend Training Immersion

Reiki 2 Training Manual by Eliza

Everyone brings an assigned item or 2 of food to share!

 $650 for the course

includes meals & lodging

$575 for Eliza's Reiki 1 Students

$250 deposit to hold space

*must have Reiki I certification

Reiki Master Teacher

3-Month: Training & Certification

focused on Usui Tradition & Natura Sophia

June 25 - October 1, 2020 

Online Classes: TBD

Training: September 9 - 13, 2020 in Nederland, CO

Intimate Class of 6 Participants for direct correspondence to your

unique development as a healer. This is a Reiki Master~Teacher course that goes

beyond the surface curriculum and into a Reiki Healer mentorship class.


It is Eliza's intention to guide you to your fullest embodiment and integrity as a teacher of the shamanic healing arts and lineage carrier of Natura Sophia.

One day in the immersion is dedicated to Aquatic Reiki and Advanced Womb Healing. You graduate with ability and confidence to teach Reiki Training beyond a traditional scope.



5-Day Training at the Mermaid Temple 

September 9 - 13, 2020

Interactive Online School Forum

(4) 2-Hour Webinars

(2) Private Online Sessions with Eliza

(2) Private Sessions with Eliza during the Training

Professional Business Photos

Reiki Master Training Manual by Eliza

Homework / scholarship to develop as healer: Creative Writing, Art

Final Project unique to your intentions + process

$2220 Total for New Students

New Students to Eliza will receive a private session before Reiki 3 begins.

Early Bird: $2020 until Apr 1

Eliza's students: $1880 Early Bird by Apr 1

Claim your spot with $400 deposit

Payment Plans available

*must have Reiki I + II certification



 To have such a profound and moving experience online was such a surprise to me, as I am typically not a fan of online interaction. But, Eliza's energy comes through and I felt held and guided just as if she were there. I learned so much, and feel that through this blessed vessel of a teacher, I will be able to develop and journey successfully on the path before me.

Through receiving Reiki Training with Eliza, I am living as a healer of myself and the world. I am the portal of infinite power. I am divine. I am conscious. I am aware. And I am creating that which I desire most… to heal, to choose to be happy all the time.

But like Eliza said, "You can’t only think happy thoughts,” You must learn how to communicate with yourself on a deeper level to confront the blockages, and I did. With Eliza’s guidance, I felt them to heal them.”

Heartfelt thanks to you, Dear Eliza. You are a rare gem, a beautiful light, a skilled teacher, and a blessing to this grateful student.

I was lucky enough to do my Reiki Master Teacher Training with Eliza in her glorious Mermaid Temple! Such a peaceful, and powerful environment! Participating in a floating Reiki session was such a moving and incredible experience. Eliza is so loving, wise, and hands on. She is fun, kind, and a bright shining light who has so much to offer this world!!