Unity Flower Essence
  • Unity Flower Essence

    This essence holds the trinity power of Brighid - the Celtic Goddess of healing wells, the holy flame, hearth skills, poetry, midwifery, rebirth, and dreaming.


    She is Bride of Avalon, and in our Natura Sophia lineage, we remember her as a Magdalene midwife of Christ Consciousness.


    Unity is Brighid's guiding force in all of her magical roles. She is here to redeem, carry on, the essence of ONE flame, ONE drop of water, ONEness within all peoples and nature. Brighid never leaves anyone behind. She believes in healing only when it is available for ALL.


    Some water in every essence was gathered with Brighid's blessing from her well in Kildare, Ireland. There are also seashells from the Irish cliffs of song, and pink fire roses from her gardens across Ireland and some of my pink fire roses from the moon garden at the Mermaid Temple.


    Guardians: Druids, Fae, Brighid 


    All organic ingredients; wildcrafted in my mountain meadow and Ireland

    • Pink Fire Rose
    • Irish Seashell
    • Brighid's Well Water
    • Organic alcohol, glycerin, pure water


    Keep refrigerated for longest usage

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      No refunds, no returns, no exchanges. 

      Keep refrigerated. 


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