• Fortitude Flower Essence

    This essence helps you to access the emotional wellbeing you need to stand in the face of adversity, and also offers protection, boundaries, and force to move forward. Fortitude is courage in pain and charging forward on your path when external influences try to dim your light. Be reminded of your truth, what you know is best for you, and protect yourself from that which tries to sway your mission.


    Guardians: Angelic Realms

    Powered by the Air & Fire Elements


    All organic ingredients; wildcrafted in my mountain meadow and Big Island Hawaii

    • Apricot Yarrow Flower
    • Hawaiian Orange Bud & Flower
    • Elestial Smoky Quartz
    • Organic alcohol, glycerin, pure water


    Keep refrigerated for longest usage

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      No refunds, no returns, no exchanges. 

      Keep refrigerated. 


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