Don't Worry, B Caapi Smudge Spray

Don't Worry, B Caapi Smudge Spray

This is a 4oz shamanic cleansing spray made with influence from astrological cycles and the plants who are blooming in my garden when I am called to make a batch. It is often used to purify space, body, mind, and spirit. A kin to a homemade Agua de Florida and also a pusonga. I sing icaros into each bottle.


Supporting herbs (ingredients) change every bottle with what is calling.

TO USE: SPRAY on your power centers in prayer, ritual, ceremony. Power centers might be crown, face, neck & back of neck, chest, tummy, hands... or on your mat; whatever feels right!


Keep for yourself and sing your own icaros into the bottle. When you share it, the plant frequency of protection, cleansing, and syngery with you personally starts to dull. If you are interested in a community bottle for your clients, also get yourself a personal bottle for the concentrated and focused personal work.


Do not eat the spray.



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