• Bobinsana: Mermaid Plant

    Bobinsana is a teacher plant, and you can find her growing next to the water in the Amazon Basin. I sourced this wee tree from friends who live in the jungle. This elixir is made with leaf & flower.


    This elixir is made for those who want to dive into deeper relation (dieta / attunement) and learn from the gorgeous pink mermaid flower of inspired love, creation, expression, dance, and song/songwriting. She is sensual, compassionate, and offers a journey of reclaiming who you are in fully embodied, heartwarming LOVE. She supports healing from mother wound/sister shadow, exploring the grief process, honoring the priestess process, and is a dear friend to cry and be emotional with whenever.


    When you take this medicine, I recommend doing so at dawn and dusk. Please take it by tasting it, on top of the tongue, and on an empty stomach. Put 20-40 drops in a small cup of room temperature to warm water, connect the bobinsana to your heart by wrapping your heart around the plant and allowing the essence to also wrap around your heart. Open to feel the merging of you both as you say your prayers and drink it like tea.


    Start this medicine on a Full Moon and continue to the following Full Moon; for one moon cycle take it in ritual everyday, 2x a day at dawn and dusk.


    After you drink it, have time for just you and the plant to express through one another.



    If you want to play with Bobinsana casually and in your own time and space, you are more than welcome to also take this essence in anyway that suits you. 




    I hold intimate dietas for Bobinsana if anyone is interested, please contact me: Eliza@riseshinelove.com

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