She is not something to overcome, Beloved.

There will be many great distractions away from the Earth. Away from Her.

Temptations of infertile worth. I will not sway into intoxication by plastic dreams and rodeo trends.

But I will sway with the wind. I will be malleable, bendable like the thin bone of the temple wave.

The strongest bone is the flexible bone.

I will not sway from Her.

I was born here upon this red wet earth to be with Her. To merge with Her.

To court the heart of this planet

and tone of Her womb waters.

To be dissolved by the absolute divine neutrality of nature until there is nothing left within me but the mountain.

Through all the distraction of what is right, what is health, what is future, what is wealth, what is sacred -

I will return to The Earth and sink deeper in still.

From the stillness, Sophia moves me.

I will not confuse healing with less pain. I will not confuse nature with machine. I will not confuse God with crown chakra.

I will not confuse Her for tricks of the trade, manifestation, or laws of attraction.

Yes, She flows through us all, and yet, I am certain that I am here to be her flow.

To wash away the false face, the next best thing, the assembly line - the agenda to silence her fullness in favor of something easier to swallow.

Her brilliance has been too much to bare. Her vibrancy unable to be encapsulated.

She is not popped like a vitamin, cannot be bought, traded, or sold.

She holds little value to the weighted heart.

The weighted heart seeking desperately to alleviate the suffering.

It hurts so bad you might die, you say?

Put down your healing, And Behold Her.

Let Her In Deeper still

She is not something to overcome, Beloved.

- Eliza

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