Rebirthing Natura Sophia

Updated: May 6, 2020

You might have heard me say, Natura Sophia is a REBIRTHING lineage.

In every sense, rebirthing. Just as much as this lineage is remembering itself from ancient story, it is also alive, fluid, and constantly churning by reciprocity between the Earth, the Cosmos, and oracular knowing of our own human embodiment.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, Natura Sophia is the lineage of the Mermaid Temple of the Womb. Hello, my name is Eliza (, and I first came across the idea when I was studying principles of Rudolf Steiner in graduate school for Anthropology of Consciousness. It was a golden key that crystalized everything in my life up to that point, and also halted my thesis on the Phenomenology of Ayahuasca.

Natura Sophia arrived within me, and I became pregnant with this lineage as I would be a child. I dove into experiencing life in devotion to myself and this remembrance. The scholarly information offered a basis for grounded, organized, and integrative context that for the next seven years would catalyze the foundation of Natura Sophia as a living, breathing, shamanic way of relating with the world.

In all senses of the word, Natura Sophia is ancient. It is myth, mysticism, blood song, and storytelling. Magdalene midwifery, womb shamanism along with plant and mermaid shamanism weave effortlessly into this work. I access the memories from within my womb; all the women who practice this lineage do, and we recognize it as beginning to take form in Lemuria, but many memories are also 'before' this time.

As I am preparing the materials for the Natura Sophia School (opening January 2021), the ancients within my womb who are tending the remembering are continually shapeshifting how the material is presented, and how it is to be studied.

It isn't supposed to be a book, or a Priestess course, or a mystery school, or just something self-studied.

Natura Sophia is firstly accessible, divinely simple, and a shamanic (deeply magical) lived experience. It cannot be separate from ANY aspects of you. It is a lifestyle; a complete weaving of divine will through all elements, all times & spaces, all moments of remembering, acknowledgments of uniqueness, and an honoring of both the great wounding and the rebirthing cycle, the birth & death.

Natura Sophia is an embodiment of the paradoxes of BEING, and the sprouting that comes from I remember, ‘now what' ...

These are some of the gorgeous women who have been taking this journey with me.

I am honoring these women in the death passage... in the undeniable invitation to die that occurs within organic happenings of shamanic initiation.

The initiation that is also the learned realization that when we wake up, we get sick. We purge, and we purge some more.

We learn that healing has nothing to do with trying to get better, trying to ascend, or trying to surpass death.  And we forget to remember just as much as we remember to forget.

We are re-calibrating our cells, trusting our physiological response to live, learning the inner world of our nervous system; and all the ways from which we relate with ourselves in this world.

Ways to connect with the Natura Sophia Lineage: