PART 2: The Muse of Coronavirus, Mar 16 - Apr 21 2020

Aloha dear ones. This is a continuation of my posts on social media about our current liminal healing crisis and portal to awakening. You can find hundreds of comments from people's experiences on the posts themselves. May they offer insight and connection in our hearts. Love, Eliza

March 16 ·

So medicine people, have you fully tried the fear on for size?

How about the sickness... have you journeyed it?

And I don’t mean journeyed it for messages, or more stories and reasons about why this is happening // our lessons. I’ve hit the snooze button on that.

I’m talking about letting yourself completely go there; into this situation as the medicine. Bathe in all that is happening now.

It is one of my favorite hobbies, and also just what I know I am here to do in general.

After my clients tomorrow, I have nothing for the upcoming 5 days. And I’m going to dive in. Without any intention, or attempt to control your response, what have you experienced in your body?

March 17 ·

Dear ones have asked for more information on womb consciousness in shamanic healing / how to go deeper into the ceremony of Now.

If you are someone who doesn’t have the capacity to not remain calm and collected, this isn’t for you, and that’s entirely okay. 🌸

You know I’m all about womb warrior training by now, yeah? Lol, here we go.

I believe it is important for womb medicine people, ready and willing —> to make the descent to sacred union.

This is a choice to find the fear inside of you, and integrate it as divine mother does.

To choose LOVE as sustainable in your body forever through embodying all source consciousness as such including the fear.

How can you rearrange your days to be silent enough to be still enough to go into the fear & irritation into the body pain (without meaning) - into the power struggle - and BECOME what is underneath?

To FEEL the part of you that is trying to survive, and ask it be to LOUDER?

Can you invite the dragon - the creature, the animal - to come alive? Awaken. 🐉 Embody.

Our creatures don’t come forward with hushing fear, with silencing the struggle, with meanings, or with staying sane.

They come through when you get *lost* in it. They come through without intention for them to do so. They awaken in moments of inhibition.

When you dare to let go, to release control, release your stability, and when you forget any prospects of staying ‘sane’ through this... freedom is able to breathe and the rebirth begins. You gotta risk it. 💫

Create your container. Call in your ancestral support and spiritual guidance. You have tools. I trust we are capable. I am here for support and I know others are too.

Take turns in full uninhibited expression, hysteria perhaps, panic, haunted, tantrum, screaming in terror, maybe... whatever comes up for the one inside (who maybe even is just a tiny tiny little pin prick size) in threats of survival.

Unravel it... overreact, be dramatic, irrational, and it can feel like a performance... until it just isn’t anymore.

This is how you can journey Now as medicine and find the YOU: open, clear, connected - fresh & without any tethers.

& return to love. Inanna Rakma🌹

March 20 ·

As we fall we rise As we rise we fall

All will approach this portal to sacred union in their own time, space, rhyme, and reason.

All must give their own unique consent for the sacred union to merge within. Coercion is not consent. Fixing is not healing. The spiral of shame is going to exhaust itself eventually. Let it be.

Healers have been waiting for the collective to realize how sick we are, and now it’s happening. This is not new. Everyone is sick; and now, everyone knows it. It just so happens that we needed a name and vehicle for it to manifest importance & awareness. For it to m o v e...

As the virus moves through, Mother Earth comes back. Bluer skies, fresher water. As the sickness moves through, your connection to source comes back. Your awareness of all that you are bubbles to the surface. Purposeful.

No one is better or worse for it - for the sickness manifesting in any which way - and the way they work it. It is here, and from here, we return.

Some of us ask for the sickness so we can move through and integrate on our own terms. Others run, some hide, many wish to take it in smaller doses. Some have no choice. So if you can, choose as you please.

No matter the method, we are all moving through the portal to sacred union together. We all find our way or no one does.

Of human & divine Of heaven & hell Of cosmos & womb Of masculine & feminine Of organic & technology Of right & wrong Of better & worse

We are all purging our separation and disconnection from Gaia, together. Honoring every aspect present in me, you, and all so it can be seen and integrated. You are not exempt from the shift. No one is more special, or more deserving of health, or more immune than another.

Purge it & merge it. As you rise, fall just as far. As you fall, rise just as high. Take what you need and give when you have. We return to love by recognizing it is ALL alive as such. #ReturnToLove

March 21 ·

This is ceremony. No better time for attuning 🌱 🌸

When we recognize the source inside, we recognize the source in all.

Diet for dieta / plant ceremony is not only the living water and clean foods you prepare, bless, and eat.

It isn’t just NO pharma, salt, pork, coffee, alcohol, processed foods / refined sugars etc.

It is fortification and conscious boundary of who and what you surround yourself with / the energies you take in through other medicine, sex, touch, talk, entertainment and media stimulus.

It is moving from anti-anxiety and depression coping, or pleasing addictions, attachment, distraction, and numbing into fostering sensitivity, awareness, and devotion to inescapable aliveness.

With diet, we choose to not engage with the external that keeps from the flow of source recognition inside.

We learn from the plants that the flow of source recognition is what the majority is trying to silence through medicines and healing techniques. Because, this recognition can exhaust, be chaotically confusing, and a total hell realm of madness, sickness, fear, and death.

We can’t keep up with the pressures of social conditioning and survival - to perform or be good and sane - when we are living within our source recognition. It does not compute.

We diet to move through the confines of social conditioning and fear of death, the dying and the sleeping. We attune to the language, patterns, and cycles of nature who holds space for it all.

It is a method for illuminating truth. To find ourselves where the Divine lives in human form, to integrate all as source consciousness, and be truly well as connected within the eternal loving frequency of human.


March 22 ·

I’m curious... - Who knew this was happening before it did? - How did you know? - How did you prepare? - How are you helping others now who didn’t have the privilege to know or prepare?

My way of knowing is from Divine Mother. I have done 0 research other than keeping my body plugged into the divine. Patrick holds the risk management via science end of our equation. I don’t feed conspiracy because it just isn’t my passion, and I plan on keeping it that way. I honor how that channel can be exciting and thus helpful.

All dimensions are happening at the same time. All timelines exist at once. Trust where you are plugged in.

I knew to start preparing *for real* from a ceremony in early December 2018. My teachings shifted to confronting the fear of death. I told family and friends to prepare. Our greenhouse and geothermal repair became our most important project and expense. We also got 6mo of organic dehydrated food among other things such as plant medicine bulk, seeds, gold, etc.

Over Winter Solstice this year, I heard from Divine Mother that Spring is when we will put our preparations into action. That death will be happening; that things will never be the same. I allow this intelligence in as much as I hold the truth of timelines shifting, and change being its own creature.

In January, I was told to start discussing the importance of mystery, uncertainty, pause, sickness, and the purpose of it.

From January to last week, I held non-stop warrior training through ceremony, shamanic trainings, and massive healing. I didn’t have a day off until last week. It’s been so incredibly worth it. You have an army of at least 100 angels fortified and already serving you. If they feel called, they may leave their information below.

Everyone who attended, I tried to pump up with herbs and vitamins while also preparing energetically with teachings of Lemuria and merging with Divine Will.

As we find ourselves at another Lemurian / Atlantean crossroads: those who want to merge with the Earth and those who trust technology more... everything I’ve been doing happens to make a lot of logical sense. I see the sacred masculine emerging, and I will not stand in his way. As we fall, we rise : as we rise, we fall.

March 23 ·

My friends, It is clear from your responses on my post yesterday that we have arrived in what we signed up for / what I am calling the great Mystery School of Collective Consciousness ;)

Although we are old hats at liminal crisis, may we come forward with a beginner's mind. This is an essential technique to anchoring the higher purpose of what is occurring. Do not box it in - all dimensions exist simultaneously - all stories exist together. This is the age of miracles.

No matter speculations or narrative, the beauty is that this is an inner journey while at the same time, we are doing it together. Enter the paradox 💛🌿

Trust the pause and trust the change. This change is a creature of its own. Rooted in our cells, and in patterns of our physical body; the change is arriving from all of us.

We are designed for these times as we made the commitment to be here. It will take time to realize what your unique imprint is here, and please don't rush the opening. All in due time and depth. May we be gentle as we move into the trauma, pain, and intelligence from all walks of life.

Any transformation that we pass through as the changing collective is laying the foundation for the next generation. I pray that we may evolve for the children.

May we recognize what brings us to perspective of collective ceremony and cherish the bright eyed dreamers with open minds and trusting hearts who volunteer their comfort, support, and wisdom skills to pave the way for transformation just as much as we cherish the scared, chaotic, anxious and lost. There are no more chosen ones than the next.

Thank you for leading the way with all in compassion.

March 25 at 2:28 PM ·

So much creative energy is available right now. Incredible!

Please make sure you are giving it back to Gaia as you create with it. In that reciprocal flow... Also, Earth has nothing to prove. The effect of nature restoring itself is real... natural order is always happening, but all of the projections about the planet, and what she thinks about these times are still ego / human stuff. <3

The planet loves everyone the same, holding space for it all, without agenda.

March 27 at 6:33 AM ·

How do you know when you are projecting ego onto God, the plants, or the planet? When your relationship is not fully connected, and you are spinning aggrandizement for yourself and your beliefs?

How do you know if you are connecting to the plant’s frequency OR if you are connecting to your consciousness in the teacher’s mirror?

I’ve said it before, when I connect / embody a plant’s frequency - it can feel-sound-shake me like I’m being run over by a truck. Or like I’m under a very busy bridge, with lots of wind, completely surrounded by loud shaking zooming vibration. Or it can be like a fog horn is blasted at me lol -

I completely lose my senses (eyesight, hearing, voice etc) and they come back in frequency with the plant. I’ve lost these for weeks at a time during initiations.

This is an opportunity for initiation with frequency now if you choose it.

When I connect to the consciousness, (where projection lives), I feel righteous in all my visions and actions. Like I could be the medicine, or like I might have something to prove.

And I have stories about the planet, and preferences for my satisfaction, and I’m also telling the medicine what it thinks, and I am trying to fix you with it too. I’m going to the medicine with something wrong.

I see this happening on such a massive scale, in the plant medicine community as it is a part of the path, but also in our greater global community of soul fam too.

Plant Medicine can boost ego in consciousness realm of plants. It’s purposeful. I trust it as a part of the path. Ceremony boosts ego too when hanging out in consciousness realm without a natural world teacher frequency.

You go on a trip of your own accord to make yourself feel better, more comfortable, satisfied.

In the frequency realm, the plants are your teachers and you cannot control your satisfaction with the healing. I learned I cannot control comfort within the unknown.

Many people have no idea they haven’t reached frequency - and have been doing years of ceremonial work too. This is purposeful and there is a healer for everyone.

However, this is why dieta is so important... Dieta helps you connect into the frequency.

This is why it is dangerous to lead in a ceremonial life and especially plant medicine without years of dieta. It is much more likely to be feeding your ego.

I mention it now because what we are going through is a collective ceremony from a shamanic perspective. I know I keep repeating myself here but... dieta is helpful for the integration.

March 31 at 6:53 AM ·

My spirit has been tending to ones at home who are not safe. The domestic violence is heavy, and my heart is holding women and children as a guardian angel. I’ve experienced this ‘post’ before but never this intense and deep... 😭

I feel honored to be placed here by the Divine. It is humbling beyond words... As I tend to the hurt I must tend to the abusers... I am learning how the guardian angel in these matters tends to both.

And it is so hard not to fix it. I just want to snap my fingers and fix it... and I know I would no longer be on the post if I did. I know I’m trusted to be there because I can do this - but the heaviness during quarantine, right now, of domestic violence might be the most difficult job I’ve been given. It’s the most close to home for me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

It is clearer and clearer that I’m here for opportunity to relive similar moments of my life that I completely forgot, and call these lost parts of myself home to me. At night, before I fall asleep and go to ‘work’, I’ve been re-living the horror of a previous abusive relationship. I’ve been reliving parts of my childhood... which is never comfortable to talk about.

I was put on medications to silence my pain when I was young, and promptly forgot abuse I suffered, and why I was in pain in the first place. I managed being abused with xanax, alcohol, or something else from a young age until I was 24.

As I sit angel post and hold these women and children in their coping mechanisms that I also had, it sparks my own memory... and I can heal more of what I completely forgot. I also remember more of my guides from when I was young.

This time is such a portal for me. I am safe to remember now. And these women’s safety is peace in their forgetting 🙏🏻

I speak of this now because of how real it is. If you are suffering in slience at home right now - call and talk to your angels; human and otherwise. Open up your own wings. They are there, and serving your family. Pray with them about the next step, and ask them to guide you to the action you are supported to take. You are supported. You are not alone. And I am so sorry for what you are going through right now. None of it is okay. You are worthy of change! 💜 “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

April 1 at 6:22 AM ·

As we awaken to things knocking on the door of our consciousness, we awaken to our choices.

When we are opening up to the world of energies, there is an excitement that comes with it. It is purposeful, pure and innocent.

A usual happening: as we start feeling energy, we start feeling better, and then feel excited to explore every possibility that comes forward.

Popular examples could be trying medicines just to try it, watching a lot of Gaia programming, pulling a lot of cards, having many sessions, topic to topic, etc 💜. Please question popular. Please question why more and more research, inviting in all we can find.

Yes! We are hungry for freedom and for damn good reason. However it is easy to run away with this excitement and start to think that every energy that shows up, that you sense, or that finds you is meant for you, and ‘sent from above.’ Those new to expanded states of being are usually also new to choice.

It takes some time (some trial and error) to remember that everything knocking is doing so because knocking is just what it does. All stories are waiting for life, waiting to be expressed. Energies want to be embodied and played out.

They are very good at putting in their applications, so to speak.

Something to keep in mind: if an energy is repeating in your field, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily for you, your path, or your expression.

It isn’t ultimately that because it found you, it is meant for you. Even if it keeps showing up. Yet, because it found you, you do have a choice. Witness the consciousness, and find that all of it is knocking. Enter the frequency, and every moment clears to a choice point. Things are getting weirder, and you are resilient. 🙏🏻 Keep shining as bright as possible.

April 3 ·

The capacity for love is at an all time high 🙏🏻 As I allow it to vibrate through me, I enter a cosmic surgery.

I am surrounded and supported. I begin shaking free any debris of what I’m recognizing as a false grid love. A love that was made to cope with humanity. A technology that keeps me small.

The people pleasing kind of love the need to explain away someone’s disrespect the need for rose colored glasses the giving away my power to keep peace the fixing someone kind of love the enmeshed in their story kind of love the supporting the wound to stay sane kind of love

All of these survival mechanisms kept me being controlled and enslaved; and also kept me trying to control my connection to Source.

They are being shaken up in my body, dislodged and integrated at epic speeds. The results are painful but empowering and healthy. I’m walking with new legs. When I go back to an old habit of those ‘false grids’, it hurts now. I feel how much I am disrespecting myself (ouch) in trying to keep peace and control balance.

I feel the immense suffering within the ‘coping’ kind of love. Balance is a spectrum that is constantly changing. To be within it, in a true resonating love, I release any control or idea of how it looks.

Thank you Divine Mother 🌹

April 6 ·

Just a little thought... galactivations feel good, powerful, and can be a little addicting. They are a plenty right now and applying to more humans than I’ve witnessed. We can settle in and vibrate with star-beings all day if we wanted. It is a good rest and rejuvenation time, but also not an escape route.

I’m finding it important to make sure that whatever galactication is applying for me to embody it / knocking on the door of my consciousness, that it has a respectful, honorable, and trusting relationship with Earth.

I don’t let any starbeing in to merge who isn’t me. Who isn’t my higher self. It is my boundary.

Not all star beings trust the rhythms and cycles of our Mother. Many have not made the descent or understand at all the importance of death and rebirth within the Earth grid. I have friends that don’t understand it either, and I still love them and they are still valid to me! But I’m not asking them to completely download their programs into me, nor am I giving my whole system to their frequency for a shot of the feel good stuff.

Star family technology is helpful and loving yet can also be overriding connection to our Mother. It is still programmed.

It is definitely a fun playground but I’m seeing some crazy things in there lol Discernment. Sovereignty. Etc

April 7 ·

Where does your safety come from? We’ve come this far. Trust yourself.

April 7 ·

Warriors, In training, you hear me say often, ‘Find the safe place in your body’. And then, a few minutes later I say, ‘Now, we gotta risk it.’ 🌹

And I’m saying it again now. We have settled in, we have journeyed the fear to hell and back. We have gathered our connection and ancestors, our resources, and our wits.

And it’s time to not be swayed on why you came here, and to honor the strength of medicine you carry.

If you’ve always been different and ostracized because of it 😉, not the time to change that. Remain integral on who you are. Patrick says, “Do not allow panic to infiltrate your integrity”. It is easy to let panic make you assimilate, and forget who you are in the rush of fear. Weather your essence through the storm.

The fear of death is penetrating the empowered empath to harrowing degrees of control.

Remember: We do not have health without choice. We do not have choice without health. We do not have freedom without our choice in health.

I am personally choosing health by choosing to trust people to make their own decisions on how they want to live. I have learned that granting the privilege of trust in people to be an authority for their own lives has vast more healing potential than pulling rank, hierarchical rules, and force as a survival mechanism.

Have you experienced the medicine passed through granting the privilege of honoring another person’s wisdom? I risk that they are “wrong”. I am choosing healing by honoring each person to make their own decisions. I am choosing sovereignty. I am choosing health, healing, and choice through freedom. Radical? I hear it. I choose to risk it.

I understand this can be entirely threatening to people’s ‘everything they know’. And I respond, I am a warrior of love. And I’m here to trust you. 💪♥️

April 13 ·

Cannabis Sweet Cannabis

The office of cannabis reform that I carry is about fostering a reciprocal and integrative relationship to the plant: body, consciousness, frequency.

While others tend to awareness & access for all, and others to organic cultivation - I care about the sacred union, the moment of prayer, the potential for sustainable healing that occurs between cannabis and human.

When plants are taken as integrative medicine, a forever sort of healing occurs... where we don’t need to take the medicine habitually anymore. This can be impossible to imagine. We aren’t taught this, and hey! You like how it feels. Of course 🙏🏻

From experience, my definition of integration: when the world you experience with the plant medicine becomes the world you experience without taking it. There is A LOT of integration not happening. How to take the medicine via connection and union needs to be a standard for all herbal medicine. I’ve noticed when plants are embodied as a medicine and a prayer, integration naturally occurs.

However in a world so far removed from union with the divine and the natural world - plants and prayers are treated like pharmaceuticals - something to consume / colonize. Plants AND prayers.

Relationship with both is informed of escapism from reality. Have you noticed when we start to become more conscious with cannabis that we are still telling it what we need?  A popular way to pray is to also tell God what we need and how we need it. We box it in from the wound.

When you have merged realities, one becomes the medicine as they become the prayer. Healing to healed.

The way we have been taught about prayer and plants is a way to keep dependence on them. If you are taking cannabis everyday, or more often than not, perhaps an addiction or unintegrated escapism is present.

I’d love to support you in integration if you are interested. The medicine and prayer needs a revival. I invite you to not take it for the upcoming week. Fast from it. This is a necessary part of the healing process.

And join me on Sunday in the Virtual Medicine Circle for a Cannabis Plant Prayer and discussion on how to revive your practice as an integrative medicine 🙏🏻

Bring your cannabis to the call! The flower, the living plant, the pen, the oil, the topical ~ whatever calls to you.

April 15 ·

Have you met your creature of addiction? 👹

Addiction is both rising and falling right now. As the social ripple effect threatens survival, that sting has the creatures lashing out for food. I speak here of studying addiction from my perspective that helped personal and ancestral healing. Please read on if you are interested, but know it can be a tender topic, and I love you.

I met the face of my creature for the first time when I was 22 on MXE which is similar to ketamine. I was addicted to a few substances then, but wasn’t worried because I was learning a lot too. I was trying MXE for ‘science.’ I knew I was here to “heal myself with consciousness,” and I was writing well-received reports on psychedelic healing experiences that helped many. I really had no idea what my purpose meant compared to now.

That night with MXE I met addiction for the first time. I was peacefully within the blackness of the void. The place where you forget all that you aren’t, and remember all you are in the same moment. It was that ‘bliss’ in complete dissolve.

I came back to remembering I exist with the echo of angelic chorus; and the next moment, I found my creature of addiction. My studies of the addiction creatures began then, and continue in reverence to this day. Here is a 10ish year study summary.

They are curious creatures that evolve as we do. Their world is filled with dark red and purple hues of smoke. It is hazy like pollution, and blurry too, not very easy to see without a ‘flashlight’ (which was one of my first shamanic tools given by the Divine for my devotion to this study.)

Through the blurriness, I must settle myself in a hollowness to study them. I cannot be a threat at all, or I am bounced out. It is difficult to reach their vibration and meet them there. I see other initiates at the ‘door’ turn around and scramble towards the light because of how scary it is.

Over the years, I learned that I need to integrate any judgements of that world to enter it. Each entrance, I need to find the one in me who lives there too. In my ego mind, I must risk ‘losing myself’ to the illusions of pleasure and power. I need to be a friend.

When I enter the cave, the patterns of animal bodies emerge... I often see something like half human / half hyena, deerlike, boar, or antelope creatures. Monkeys with ravenous teeth, dogs with open and panting mouths. The creatures have sharp but pitted eyes, and with every addiction comes a friction of dry and fast sex energy.

Sometimes they are humping to death in a glasshouse haze of turn-on and loneliness. My inner-self sees each thrust as a sick and twisted nourishment. My stomach wretches in this energy, and at the same time, my creature feels the turn on in the giving away of my essence.

I study why it turns me on to give my power away in order to move deeper in. It took years to integrate this pleasure and pain so I could study the next layer. The key for me was witnessing the creature cheerleaders from sitting in the maloca with ayahuasca in the jungle a few years later. I began to witness the maloca as a realtime addiction cave with creatures cheering other creatures on in order to keep illusions of light.

One thing I know is that all are exhausted while scrambling for illusions of light. Snakes swirl around the creatures on the floor to hold space for the becoming. I see them through the smoke when the creatures couldn’t. Many different kinds and layers of snakes. They open their mouths wide, and expose their slithering tongue as a key. When a creature notices a snake, or is licked/bitten, it jumps with fear and moves out of addiction body for a moment. Respite.

Sometimes the moment is strong enough and the creatures start to shake and purge the addiction. This can be one of those moments. 🙏🏻

When this happens, a deeper inner creature emerges from the void of the crowd - with all the energy on why they will always be in pain and addicted. Why they are uniquely stuck, and should just be taken care of by the cave. That what happened is so bad that you personally can’t get forever healing, and thinking differently is shame. No way out. During this push and pull, the ‘floor’ of the cave becomes translucent, and the primordial dragon Mother is beneath. The brightness of the lava that the dragon lives in shines up into the cave.

I watch as the lavalight holds space for it all to unfurl. Sometimes the creature has a moment of illumination and sometimes the creature lashes out at the illumination too. When an addiction is shed, it falls into the mouth of the dragon. Alchemy.

Honestly, it is as if every creature is experiencing a programmed rape of their essence in this cave. No better word. Some of the creatures hide and interact only when hungry. Other creatures put on a performance of propaganda for the hiding creatures to draw them into illusions of pleasure.

Many creatures are in denial that they are there. Completely dissociated, they feed themselves by lashing out at anything that could starve their illusion. They have rhymes and reasons for days.

This creature cave is a phenomenon that I’ve shared with others before, and many experienced a portal into their healing. I’ve also found others who have studied and witnessed this in the shamanic worlds and the connection propels our own healing too.

You are not alone in any of this. Addiction is the drug of society. Everyone has a creature of some sort. And I love you! 💗

April 20 ·

I know that I am abundantly blessed, supported, protected, and held by the Earth.

In so much as privilege, there is another force, unseen yet still experienced, that upholds me too. It is okay for me to know this, and speak it. It is a disservice to pretend I do not feel this presence. I am giving my power away when I ignore this in order to make other people feel ‘better’.

AND I find it is also a disservice to have any stories that vilify my support. Such as

- I am more connected to the Earth so I am safe. - I am more spiritual so I deserve to survive this, and survive it abundantly. - God is happy with my behavior (compared to others) so I am safe (and they are not).

These thoughts swirl in the astral. In our subconscious. They are timeless and have been popular notions with wisdom keepers. I honor that and where they have gotten us today. However, as soon as they creep in, and I sit with it to find its origin, my body immediately wants to purge them. That is not my truth. I honor this too.

I feel it a disservice to quantify or qualify my support by the unseen forces. I feel it a disservice to quantify or qualify the mystery. I see it as a survival mechanism stemming from fear of death. I see it as the very thing we are putting to rest on this planet.

I invite you to be curious and find the one in you who finds solace in these stories.

The one who finds peace in being separate from the ‘problem’ or ‘imbalance.’

Even the most brilliant and ancient souls have these stories. And I honor the cultural remembrances that hold these stories close to heart.

And at the same time, we are rebirthing. This is sacred union.

Earth holds space for it all. That is why we love her!!!!

April 20 ·

I am not taking a moment of this for granted.🙏Allowing grief to surface for the shuffle out-of-pause to begin. Do you feel it? Integration is now.

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