Remember that people who can’t see through the illusions are healing something big.

This is sacred, and not yours to “fix”🕷

It can be shocking to see where our friends are at via conditioning or being easily influenced & to watch them ride the rollercoaster can be even more unsettling - when entangled in controlling their process.

This is what a healer of the Divine Mother does though. We hold space for it all.

“I have capacity to hold space for it all to play out” 🙏🏻

& the capacity comes from untangling my control of you.

I am seeing clearly where we are at internally, on individual levels, and what is going on within someone’s healing journey. This is not so I can fix it (especially with those closest to me! 👻shout out to my husband lol)

These knowings lead me deeper into knowing nothing. Nothing more, nothing less.

I haven’t been confused or in fog yet, and I haven’t left the mystery. From experience, fog comes when I try to manipulate with my knowing due to fear of nature / the Earth’s seasons and cycles (fear of death).

Magic is applying to me left and right to carry out its energy. This kind of magic isn’t for me anymore.

Holy holy hell, I see you because I am not scared of you aka I am not separating myself from you. Enticing me with ways to fix people’s illusions. It knows just what to show me to try and make me snap my fingers / snap someone (the energy) to a different plane of consciousness that would be more “comfortable” for me.

I made an oath with Sophia (Goddess) that I would never do that again. It’s how I found my own solace. And I see how much that is serving my health - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - during this war.

Lots of magic has a mind of its own. It is not bound to time nor space, and it is influenced by all the practitioners who touch it when hungry for some comfort aka riding the wave to manifest to their satisfactions / what they are “worth” and what they “deserve” (stemming from fears, addictions, discomfort, illusion).

It comes from a wounded sacral, the forbidden womb aka from the trauma of the primordial mother wound.

Once energy has been manipulated by personal will, the flow of it remains with agenda until it is embodied by the Divine through the neutrality of the human.

I see the war in this manipulation world currently - those hungry for fake safety and rank - and it is becoming increasingly enticing to catch a wave of ‘fix’ / ‘manipulate’ / ‘control’.

I see how this is an invitation beyond and deeper in for me.

As someone who has privilege to see what is happening 'shamanically', and also not be scared, nor want for anything, I can tell my medicine here is to not “fix” anyone’s illusions.

What a disservice. This is a sacred evolutionary healing.

I see illusions like weather patterns that we all experience differently.

Your veil to move through is not the same as the next person’s holographic experience.

This is your process of approval of Self.

Warriors! I love you! <3


🎶 Round and round Like a circle in a spiral A wheel within a wheel ( my favorite childhood song )

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