Plant Medicine: Consciousness or Frequency

When Plant Frequency hits, I describe it as being run over by a semi-truck. Your senses become completely overwhelmed with roaring sounds and vibrations that shake you on levels you didn’t know existed.

It can be scary AF, full of anxiety, and depression hits too when we don’t know what is happening. The fact is that plant frequency makes us unable to tolerate current, normalized living standards. It amplifies what we can ignore about the collective wounding.

So when we are feeling sick, we turn to plant medicine for help. ✨🙏🏻 Amazing!

Yet none of us have been taught the difference between plant medicine consciousness, and knowing how to actually reach the frequency of a plant.

Plant Frequency cannot cope. Plant Medicine Consciousness is coping.

This ancient, intrinsic knowledge, has been forgotten as humans started to tell the plants what they want from them 🌿instead of trusting the plant to give them what they need, no questions asked 🌿and then, following through with a lifestyle change so they don’t repeat their cycles of wounding

The plants are always breathing their frequency into you. Humans will suffer when trying to ignore it in attempt to make the truth more palpable; what they want it to be. 🌹

The plants are Gaia; our living breathing Earth. The frequency of our planet is the frequency of the plants. However, many cannot communicate with that either - because it hurts too much - and, they are also projecting that on Gaia.

This projection of what we want truth to be is plant medicine consciousness and is where the high majority dwells: in the astral of the plants / in the astral of the planet.

In the consciousness are the human stories of the plants, and all their projections, coping mechanisms, addictions, false light, false grids, etc that help us to ignore truth.

This is where ‘feeling better’ comes in. This is where chronic use, habitual use, and even intentional use/ceremonial use comes in through consciousness which is anytime we are taking plant medicines to subdue the effects of feeling the actual plant frequency which is a kin to death.

People think their anxiety is caused by situations: something at work, to their city living lifestyle, to relationships...

It is not the situations that make the discomfort but it the plant frequency that will not stop shaking you until you are in right relationship, in harmony.

However, when we are in the consciousness - where humans try to overpower plants - we can temporarily stop the shake through intentional saturation (i.e. patterned usage)


as we continue the cycle of saturation because we are in the consciousness. Where we tell the plant what we want it to do for us aka make us better according to us

. We tell it how to be medicinal. We secretly want to be more powerful then the plants so we limit our interaction - escape the pain.

Instead of receiving the actual medicine of the plant which you cannot control, quantify, or qualify.

I have a 2-Hour Live Talk to go into this deeper on January 2nd. I will be discussing this with a focus on cannabis, psilocybin, and ayahuasca.

This is an incredible missing link from plant medicine lifestyles.

Link is here to sign up

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