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In Tenderness; I see the shadows crafted just for us, sister. I see that he wanted my sister to destroy me. I see how I am her Mother, and She is mine. I see the design.

Sweet girl, a maiden I release control Rites of Passage I go slow

I have a knowing of myself insomuch as I pray.

Divine Mother, I pray to mold my formlessness; my sacred sound. I empty my vessel and allow the light to act as it Will.

I pray to embody you.

Thunder and lightening.

She blesses me abundantly With opportunities to heal And all the resources I need to do it

I see how it has been crafted And triggers you to hide. To cast your sister aside. To fear. Seduce. Manipulate. Clique.

I see the design in the tapestry of OUR soul.

And I am devoted to the depth.

Sister, I don’t have any expectations for you to love me, to like me, to be my friend but I dream of how it could be if we tune into the grief that we inspire together

I dream of a sanctuary of love with women who want to go there - women empowered - women of the circle - and of the Spiral - who want to get real with the wounds they project onto other women empowered 🙏🏻

How wonderful if we conjure the courage together

to MEET our deep wounds

from the place that they began

with sisters who want to help the healing

competition, abandonment, rejection jealousy, lack, and gossip

With sisters who want to forgive and be forgiven.

With sisters who want to release Victim.

To discover the medicine, the gifts we bring through an honest council of shared experience on our shadows with the our Mother

To bring forward The Dark, the Mean, that our sisters triggered in us #sacredmedicine

Are you ready to go there?

I am called by Her for an offering for the sisters who want to work below the waterline

We pray for humility. For regeneration. For harmony through the conflict.

This is part of the Mermaid Temple journey from the Red Thread to the White Ray 🌸 We call Inanna. All is love.

This is integration of Medicine Woman wounding.

Sister Shadow Online Circle Link to join October's Online Circle regarding this topic:

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