Lemurian Womb Shamanism

The scent of jasmine caresses my senses and I lean into my pussy

My power of knowing rushes my waters and I flow into a reverie

All the forbidden sites in our holy bodies I squeak and sing of forgotten pleasure

My eye opens naturally and I travel with trust for teleportation

To primordial lands of play Of deep sea, and memories of women who reign together while bleeding

We make love for the people we tend to

drawing them deep inside to birth

a new simplicity of sweetness our winged truth and purpose

growing infinitely


the Earth

in mythic chorus

Our songs weave diamond light palaces a top the merwives’ holy well

To hold the seed of whatever we need In continuum; our Star spell

All are free to drink the essence in yet know they must give back

Honor the ones who devote

let us sanctify and bless the Law of Connection to passionately feed upon the spider’s golden web

We know that forgiveness fused with intention resolves our painted past

We bring that forward here and now

We received what we asked

And we set poise to the shimmering light body

in the resounding key

of human being

It is for a loving, fully embodied humanity that we place our yoni flat on the dirt and breathe

Words: Eliza Stephen

Art: Brian Kirhagis

Mermaid Temple of the Womb Big Island Hawaii

9-Day Lemurian Womb Shamanism Activation March 1 - 9, 2020

$1850 early bird

Calling in 8 magical women...

To apply, make sure I have your email. Sign-up begins in May 2019

#mermaidtempleofthewomb #lemurianwombshamanism

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