Return to Love

I was sitting with a Hawaiian Kahuna, a descendent of Lemuria,

and she said that she doesn’t want to fight it.

I said, “mmhmm a surrender.”

She said “No. Stopping the fight is different than surrender.”

She said “We don’t surrender to it. We just don’t fight it.

We love it. Innocently, we love it. And that’s why I love you. You know how to do that.”

She was speaking to all of us when she spoke to me.

It’s a return to love, y’all.

Don’t fight and don’t surrender to the chaos of this time...

technological issues, miscommunication, change in plans, change in relationships, and structural downfalls


That is how we make it work for us.

We love it and merge it like water.

We are in it - transition is upon us.