Dolphin Diamond Light

I swam with a pod of 20 wild spinner dolphins off the coast of Kehena Beach on Big Island Hawaii yesterday. They were in pairs of 2, 3, and 4. Gliding above the surface and diving below to weave a symbol throughout and around the three others who were swimming.

I saw it as a light trail. It made a diamond shape spiral of sorts; too complex for me to see detail while swimming next to the dolphins. So, I decided to float, get into my internal cosmos, and sing. They continued to swim around me, and brushed my body while speaking clearly through clairaudience.

The dolphins don’t want to call it a ‘new paradigm,’ they are calling it as they see it: a return to LOVE.

They are strict in that everyone’s light is shining. You don't have to do anything special for your light to be on. When you try to do something special for that, it could easily be coming from ego and simply goes against nature.

Everyone is turned on. People are magnetized to certain lights more so, but everyone is turned on and in tune to something that matters. We are all just as important, just as deserving, just as special, and just as gifted as the next person.

As we come into and remember our natural shamanic abilities during this paradigm transition, some of us will appear to be more gifted than others. This is not true in the big picture, and it is a bit confusing for those in an ‘old paradigm’ to hear of natural abilities as ‘gifts’. It could seem as though others don’t have them. It could seem like privilege instead of simply having more lifetimes. Living longer, and being older.

They are strict again: We are all built to be activated. Right now, we are in a domino effect that is a sacred design. Some of us remember more than others because we simply have more experience in the physical. Those of us who remember now will retire earlier too. We aren't more special. Anytime someone treats us this way, it is a reflection of their ego working itself out. And when we bend our light to accommodate their ego, it is our ego working itself out. Because simply, this doesn't exist.

This is competition filtering out of our consciousness in deep layers because it relates to 'survival' in the old paradigm. Our bodies are naturally preparing for a big collective trip. Naturally, organically. We are all going to be on a ride together with a version of survival threatened - if we aren't already - because the old paradigm is in a rebirth cycle.

Implement love now.

Implement what is important now: fresh food, fresh water, sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

A return to LOVE is accepting the fullness of another without allowing it to interject in your life

– it simply cannot – and the more you live that way,

the more you can embody your natural shamanism, if you so choose.

Knowing that, it is not necessary to show your shamanism.

When my time was completed, about 30 minutes or so, a few dolphins swam with me on the journey back to shore. I slept for 15 hours afterwards ! haha Their love is woven for anyone to access. I am headed back to see them now.

I am making an Elixir of the experience which will be available soon.

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