How many times can we surrender?

We can surrender as many times as we give ourselves the opportunity, and the ‘wounded healer’ always has another opportunity. This cycle is part and parcel of the life path.

A key for a healer is deeply rooted patience in remembering that the wounding is as much a part of the life path as the healing. We all move in our own time. The presence of the wound is purposeful, and not to be shamed or forbidden. Yet, the wound is not to be fed either.

Healers often want to move beyond the wound too soon. There is an eager innocence to help and share what they have learned in their own process. A desire to be spiritual and a leader in the *right* way. This is highly valuable. It moves one to their next layer of surrender. A healer experiences little ego deaths all day long. This is not from a place of weakness.

Bringing this forward as personal 'wound healing' and into the spotlight of everyday experience is the integration of all our medicines. This is how we learn to trust the integrity of our own experience. This is how we learn to not feed the wound through roundabout shame or guilt.

This journey can be scary because most don’t understand that a healer becomes the healer they are destined to be when they are present in the moment with both their wounds and their healing: ready to serve with the toolset they trust from their own experience.

From here, we learn we don’t need to force cleansing, or force the way we interact with the world.

We get to a place where we don’t need to hide our inner ego experience anymore - we aren’t ashamed or attached to it as ours!

We let the human flag fly because we know that is what brings the authentic healing.

We don’t try to be more of anything than exactly what we are in that moment - even if some spiritual laws suggest enlightenment looks otherwise.

We get to a place of pure nourishment as fully accepting our response to duality without fear... which transforms into fully accepting all of our wounds in love, and sending love to those who we intimidate because of it, and especially to those who expect a healer to look a different way.

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