2019 Oracle Message of Water & Earth

The water is reforming the topography of her flowing bodies; the Earth reweaves her dragon lines. Waves move mountains. 🌊⛰ The new canyons and fresh rivers of life-force will be carved naturally - without the patriarchal or matriarchal grids of energy attached previously by those in fear of personal destruction.

The whole world wakes this year, as fool, to dance upon United Ground. Sacred Union. Enlightened ground. She will not permit spoil of progress. Water in her divine intelligence creates the holy bloodlines of Earth. She will respond to our evolution with such purpose. No one in her way; no going back.

We realize the importance of life upon this planet; all of us - in a whole new form in 2019. Understanding through the experience of Water shifting; flowing in and out of our bodies, environments, and lives. I am seeing water pooling deep while also stretching her liquid light out long and scarce. It’s all purposeful.

Earth is holding space for a mass surrender to organic re-distribution of elements: rising and falling as needed for harmony is the phenomenon of water.

Water demonstrates her illness when not tended in harmony with the other elements. We will learn how Water is the diamond mirror of ourselves as holy through this illness. Resurrecting our seed of creation. The veil will be lifted. The pleasure of union will be felt. Intimacy with form of creation will be desired.

We have been in fear of not enough water. Not enough of her. She says, she has always been here. It’s the pure realization of her intelligence, of her gnosis, that revives her. ✨ We will see this happen instantaneously this year. A phenomenon is for all eyes to see to realize their connection.

She won’t be confined to any edges. Pushing boundaries, breaking borders, reweaving with Earth as her creation. Her expression will be FULLY presented for restoration of union. The Earth is her art. She stands at the front of the orchestra, in siren song with the Moon, directing events of light in correspondence to our participation. The Earth will respond and doesn’t know exactly how that looks yet. It’s up to us.

The warriors are retiring, it’s time to lift the Muse from destructive patterns.

Elevate the Muse. Into creation we go... 💧💎🧜🏻‍♀️

Facilitated by Eliza Sparkle Stephen