Abundance + The Womb Pulse

Friends, I am bringing you practices that I developed from my own personal experiences in rising Shakti. As a womb oracle, I see how the collective consciousness is shifting to one of Feminine guided prosperity. I am in practice with the internal workings of how Abundance is blossoming within our womb's living connection.

In this Webinar, I will speak from this new evolutionary wave of abundance in real time - as I am riding it - and will share it through a healing energetic transmission to you <3.

We meet Monday night 12/10 via Zoom. The session will be recorded for those who can't make it.

The timing of this session is divine with the New Moon waves and 9 days to root the Gaian presence in the womb before the big Solstice shift. Starseeds, if you are missing the abundance coding... this is a perfect time to re-establish a beautiful golden cord into Gaia. Its a missing link for many.


'We can't serve from an empty cup' is a good one, but can be limiting. When my cup overflowth, I am content with life in a way that my desire to serve greatly lessens. It softens so much that my cup stays overflowing, and 'desire' moves into an effortless 'knowing'. I find that the empty cup analogy feeds a lack mentality. In abundance consciousness, there is not a perfection in the cup. The cup is never really empty; it is just there and full. This has nothing to do with bypassing and everything to do with TRUST, knowing it is full, and committing to it. When my cup overflowth, there is no attachment to being "right or perfect," and my connection to source is limitless. Thus, the knowing. There is no strict plan for how-to. Demands or requests almost dissolve. I find myself in a pleasure path of beauty, love, expression, freedom, and trust; where tirelessness and the need to serve for humanity doesn't exist. My entire mission shifts, and abundance reigns true for all. The cup becomes a chalice. #akash Moving beyond the empty cup analogy or lack mentality can seem impossible. I found benefit in releasing concept of perfection in your service; especially as your profession. Release control. Make peace with achievement. Energy redirects. Opportunity exists.

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