I will be sharing evolutionary insights of the Solstice SHIFT throughout the season. In understanding and feeling into these insights, you will ride the fusing power dynamics of sacred feminine and masculine.

It is YOUR subtle body that will be leading the way into Sacred Union of 2019-2022 through experiencing yourself as it. We are creating it.

I am calling in the MYSTIC FEMININE; the warriors who have been serving on the front-lines in action and from your mountaintops.

As I spoke of about a month ago as Mars moved out of Aries - the time for Warrior Feminine is dissolving... We did it! The egos are melting. Systems cannot be held anymore. It is time to fall into the cradle of a formless Divine Feminine Frequency.

To TRUST the evolution means to also trust the masculine:

No need to explain yourself as Divine Mother.

No need to explain your internal knowings or connection to Source.

In Sacred Union, your Feminine power is not explained, qualified, or quantified.

MELT into this as a pure living frequency.

We are re-defining power and re-defining prosperity:

living and breathing in the luminous Feminine creation body without question.

Simply enough, time to release the fight (the “smashing”) as though the patriarchy still exists... Release the tension. It is a lifestyle change. What was once freeing and healing in our rise will be moving into illness as the vibration becomes ‘outdated’.

The real work now is how you interact with the trickling ripples playing out in society. We clearly see that it’s all a cartoon.

We respond by holding this key for the collective: THE KNOWING that the patriarchal era is dead, and we are moving into Union.

RESPOND to the 'patriarchal plays' with a deliberate subtle power from OUR PSYCHIC KNOWING AS WOMEN.

Especially with other women right now. Teach them to trust themselves. Trust is fertility.

It looks like: *The illusion cannot sway me*

Lift HER and HIM up, through the righteous power that illuminates HER sacredness.

:: This is oracular power ::

and it comes from the womb pulse.

The Solstice Shift will ignite the Womb Pulse throughout Womanhood. It will return us to effortless primal knowing and womb as divinity. We will understand how to midwife those without the Womb Pulse like never before.

The Womb Pulse is what births the Earth; literally new land and new water, new air, crystals, plants, animals, people : NEW ERA for those on the ride; no matter which ride, or how you look at it.

It is truly so very exciting.


On December 10th, I am hosting a Live Webinar with a Ritual to commune with your Womb Pulse.

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Art by Willow Arlenea

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