'Belonging' on Earth

Belonging on Earth as a higher vibrational human means you've realized purpose through self-trust and self-direction, and you are committing to it. ✨

Many of us are high vibrational beings who live with extreme depression, intolerances, autoimmunities, fatigue, weakness, or non-verbalities.

What seems like deceit from our own organic body lends to why people: • don’t trust themselves • think they don’t belong on this planet • look outside of Self for answers

When someone is in survival mode for health which fails no matter what they do, nature seems unable to fulfill needs, and self-direction seems dangerous.

✨✨ However, one important thing... the surface frequency on the planet is not the frequency of Living Earth nor is it the organic frequency of your higher vibrational being!

When we are forced into distraction within surface frequency, or treat our higher vibrational self with surface ‘medicine’, surface news, surface information, surface relationships... we remain tied to the system in self-doubt and dependence.

Time is moving quickly now. Space is less dense then before. When we suffer as sensitive beings, it takes a holistic toll on us that seems to be years when it’s only been a week.

This is why it is much harder to COMMIT to trusting yourself. It is a diligent devotion to a death and rebirth process.

When committing to sovereignty or self-trust, we come to know the many layers of surface frequency through detox and observation, which is a death in itself.

When dependent, it feels like we need surface frequency to survive. We fear we will be abandoned, and it feels like we are dying when we detox it. Fact is that part of us is dying: the part who is no longer feeding external agendas for survival; the part who had many stories for disease; yet found truth in Self, in order to find peace [on Earth].

Naturally, Self becomes unity; walking one foot in each world.

To commit and connect to the autonomous living Earth grid means trusting it in unity with our higher vibrational bodies that definitely do NOT ‘fit into’ or ‘belong’ to surface frequency.

It isn’t for everyone all the time, and that is purposeful too. Layer by layer, we breakthrough to understanding the agendas that held us captive through our energy channels. We are staggered in our realizations of purpose: to integrate.

In integration, we learn to curate the true light of nature: an incredibly high vibrational field of this planet where high vibrational beings belong here via purpose.

And we are always integrating as we become the evolutionary Earth medicine stewards of the increasingly higher vibration humanity and beyond; knowing how to work with our star lineages AND with the surface of the planet to rebirth autonomous Earth.

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