This energy around the world, this RING OF FIRE 🌋, lights a fire under our asses - literally, it makes us want to do all the things... start and complete all the goals on our lists.

There is an immense pressure being felt throughout society that is causing us to re-evaluate our lives, and take those big leaps, big moves, big somethings in order to change to the person we have always wanted to be. The desire for growth is starting to consume the healing process instead of be healing itself.

When inside the fire, we must release control and let the burn, burn.

We must understand a lot of these goals we are racing to complete come from social pressure or conditioning of fight or flight: needing to be the top to survive. People are reacting out of fear of competition and dissatisfaction of ordinary everyday like chop wood carry water.

The beauty of FIRE is that it burns us to ash, down to our core... without us having to do anything.


The point of this cosmic fiery mess is sticking around naked... long enough to understand who we truly are when we burn to the core. When the illusions are gone, who are we? You’ll never know if you keep replacing it with distractions. Stop the pattern.

When we are stripped naked and raw, we want to put clothes back on immediately. AKA, we make all those big changes that completely distract us from what’s really inside us. We go back to school, we overwork ourselves in the name of promotion or productivity, we consume ourselves with addictions, we move across the country, we force relationships along with big commitments, we have babies, we get another pet, etc.

When we cant stand the heat of the fire, we do things that we don’t have room or energy for because we feel some sort of loss, and pressure to replace it.

STTTAAAPP. Bathe in the fire. It is the LIGHT.

The real light can burn, especially when it’s burning away all the bullshit.

Sit back, and collect yourself before making any moves. When you don’t sit back and collect... you act from fear, from lack, you get sick AND you put the rest of us in danger too.

Allow the reset. Don’t add to the pressure cooker. Don’t add to the HYPE... allow people who are healthy to do the ALIGNED THINGS that need to be done, and trust them while you get yourself rest. Be healthy and clear, and then... take your turn out and about while they rest.


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