Conditional regulations for vitality through militarized dictatorship

I want to share a faithful and inspired reminder from *Great Spirit* that holds truth [for me] in how to proceed 🌬🕊✨in the wake of apocalyptic dreams & reality...

From ceremonies present, I see we are beautifully coming together to live as one in this illustrated, cartoony ‘this-can’t-be-real-life’ happenings. Our shells are cracked open. Angelic butterfly wings are appearing on the most unsuspected of humans; and most of all, this time narrative is moving quickly.

In just as much danger we can sense now and ahead, we can also sense the light of freedom, of peace, of compassion - what we are working for is HERE <3 and has been here for some time, but it’s important to remember now and in coming weeks as events hold more worth in this transition than previous.

What is important when faced with conditional regulations for vitality and militarized dictatorship ?

For the fools to come to action. There will be something in the fight against the collective that sparks each and every body’s empathetic capabilities. Everyone has the possibility to move towards LOVE... remember that people can change and this is the *time* that they do... So if you have the strength, hold that space. Be that [tough] love to those hurting and deceitful hearts. Hold the energy so its ripples reach dark crevices, especially in personal connections.

The cards say to pray. Go to our spiritual families and places of power. Live deliberately and work with our birthrights and elemental empowerment. Everyone has a special gift to grow. Our planet wants us to succeed. Be strong in your homeland. Deregulate and centralize your allies in small regional tribes. There is always an Emperor to transition at home. Command from the inside out. Clear your mind of distractions and pointless hamster wheels. Be strict with media attention and interaction. There is great capacity to give away your power in petty, pointless meanderings. It is happening almost constantly despite good intentions. This is opportunity to make everlasting peaceful entry into hearts and minds that need it most. Timing. Presentation. The way the message is delivered can be more important than the message itself. 🌋♥️🌋

We can’t predict the future right now because we’re meant to RECOGNIZE THE CALL TO ACT.

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