Topical Magnesium Benefits Shadow Work

Recognizing your shadow side and knowing that we all have one is the initial introspection to Shadow Work. With time, more of which we cannot immediately see in ourselves comes to our surface consciousness, such as suppressed emotional experiences and what we deny ourselves and others.

It is the natural and empathic response of the human condition to have uncomfortable, restless, and overwhelmed feelings when understanding their shadow side. Humans know through much trial and error that processing harsh truths and realities is an ancient key to a more authentic, purposeful, and healthy you.

However, the process of illumination can prompt stress, worry, loneliness, regret, sleepless nights, and lower immune system function to where vital minerals become depleted and our body needs more to keep us protected from illness. Magnesium particularly becomes deficient during shadow integration phases.

Supplementing with a Topical Magnesium formulated for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health will strengthen your reserves to help you breathe deeply and naturally with less anxiety, more self-love, an d aligned sleeping patterns for better rest and repair.

Spray onto any wound area to massage into the skin. Do you have sore feet? Spray them and massage. Do you have a sore or broken heart? Spray your heart chakra and massage it in. Ego struggles? Spray the solar plexus. Do you have an infection or rash forming from stress? Spray on the area for it to clear. Does your brain hurt from too much thinking? Spray your temples and neck and lightly massage. The magnesium is formulated to absorb right into your system. Do it multiple times a day and before bed to check in with yourself, send yourself love, and relaxation. <3 Love ~ Eliza at Rise & Shine, Love! in Nederland, CO.

My special all organic magnesium formula with homemade Rosewater, Frankincense, and Helichrysum (to just name a few) can be found right here <3

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