Water of the Feminine

Remembering Water as the power of the Feminine is a key to healing the collective shadow.

We are in a tumultuous time on Earth. All of the prophecy's of this planet are being fulfilled. The Shadow is fighting its biggest fight to not lose hold on the light.

The Shadow is expressing through various patriarchal means such as the war on water, food deserts, GMOs, socioeconomics, drug wars, human trafficking, electromagnetic pollution, geo-engineering, cultural conditioning... etc!

From all of this, one commonality is a instilling survival fears of scarcity...

The fear spreads intelligently as lack mentality by removing access to what we need most: clean water sources, nutritious natural food, & a mother's love.

A mother's love?!

Yes. The Mother Wound. We all come from women. As a war is waged against the feminine through our rights to clean food and water, our energetic bodies shift into fear, shame, guilt, depression: a constant fight or flight for our survival.

On our planet, the Feminine translates to Water. We come from Water, and we are made of Water. We come from Her and we are made of Her. One of the first things we learn in school is that we need water more than anything to stay alive.

Through removing femininity from places of power, there is control in our access to clean water through poison and stopping it's natural flow on the planet.

Water & Feminine are the roots of our vitality; our very creation, and what we must remember for sovereignty.

Every time we remember our feminine essence and connection to water as the key to freedom, and act upon it for healing, we are healing generations of trauma in the collective.

Through healing the Mother Wound,

we are rising up to our ultimate health and clearing the energy of trauma that has forced us to become dependent on the Shadow for survival.

And this is what I mean when I say:



Here is an article written by Rachel Thompson which has a mental health perspective of trauma having symptoms instead of memories.

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