Remote Reiki Healing Service with Eliza

REMOTE: From Spirit, channeled to Me in my high-vibe healing temple at Rise & Shine, Love! Eco-Holistic Retreat Center & Water Temple, and sent to You, in your sacred space.


Trinity Package

1 month of supported Healing

3 Reiki Sessions

3 Intuitive Sessions

Sacred Space Toolbox

Email Support

Reiki is a holistic energetic healing modality: it removes blockages to healing and energizes the process for positively effecting physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual issues. Reiki is able to be received anywhere and anytime. It builds upon itself, and lasts longer than a lifetime. However, you heal on a deeper level with awareness and connection to the process through creating a time & sacred space to relax, receive, and care for yourself.

I created the Trinity Package to incorporate intention, awareness, and connection. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I do not give any of my own energy to the you as the receiver in the Reiki session. I source the energy from the Divine universal source pool of light, and it flows through me to you in an energetic channel. You feel the energy on various levels, and shifts occur in your life. We focus and guide the shifts through the intention we create together. As I connect with you on a personal level through the intuitive sessions and email support; Spirit connects with you on an energetic DNA level. The blend of both in one-on-one work, along with the sacred space toolbox, is my magic formula to a highly successful and individualized healing process.


3 Intuitive Sessions

1st Session :: Discovery ::

I lead a guided meditation with visualization and breathwork for loving awareness. We discuss what you are intending to transform, and I connect us to Spirit guides for better understanding. We form a powerful intention to shape the healing shifts.

2nd Session :: Connect ::

Discuss 1st Remote Reiki Session. I consult our guides for clarity and Divine support to continue the work and move into a deeper level. Intuitive Q & A on Reiki intention & any life interest is possible for this session.

3rd Session :: Transformation ::

A week or so after the final Reiki Session, we connect to discuss how the healing process is going, the new insights, and how to continue. We do a guided meditation to check-in with guides on the status of the intention. At this point, healing has occurred and the intention might need to be changed to reflect the transformation. I will continue to hold that intention for you and offer it wholeheartedly to the following New Moon.

3 Remote Reiki Sessions

Reiki removes illness, energy, and beliefs that cause harm. Our sessions infuse ions within your body to restore your energetic channels and connect you to natural healing abilities. We schedule the Reiki sessions at perfect times that work for both of us. I give the Reiki from my high vibe home studio at a time when you are aware and consciously receiving in your sacred space. With my guidance, you ceremonially prepare and activate your space with homemade tools I send to you. I strongly believe in ceremonial healing and treating the Reiki process as it is: sacred & divine.

Sacred Space Toolbox

This Sacred Space Toolbox sets a natural, positive, healing atmosphere in both your home and your body-mind-spirit. I handcrafted this Toolbox to provide everything you need for a secure container to meditate peacefully as you receive healing energy the Session. In the 1st Intuitive Session, I explain each of the Tools, and guide you on how-to use them & their healing properties. The Sacred Space Toolbox provides a tranquil awareness & connection to Reiki; before, during & after your Sessions. I infuse the Toolbox with Reiki energy before sending it to you via USPS.

Includes (homemade by me):

  • Organic Herbal Tea for Reiki to gently purify and relax

  • A beautiful music playlist by me with meditation & music on Spotify

  • Rose & Tulsi (Holy Basil) Hydrosol (Ionic-Aroma Heart Medicine Spray)

  • Floral Frankincense Smudge Incense & Charcoal Tablets to burn

  • 4 Raw Black Tourmaline Stones to clear harmful EMFs and radiation

  • Organic Eye Pillow for meditation

Email Support

Please E-mail me with experiences, questions, and progress on your intention and shifts in your life. The content in this Trinity Package offers a huge opportunity for you to heal deeply and understand yourself on new levels. While Reiki is energetic healing, it is also an education from the Light and an investment in your evolution. We can’t do this alone. I am honored to be here to support you now as others have supported me in my Reiki journey.

I am offering this package in gratitude for my inspired relationship with Reiki, and the strength of the healing energy in my own life. I offer this package to 3 individuals a month at $379. The package is over $700 in value.

This package is offered to 3 individuals per month.

Schedule now to reserve your spot for your free Inquiry Session or schedule all 3 Sessions if listed as available.

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