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Plant Taught Values

4-Hour Mini Course

 July 9 & July 16



During this period of external and internal alchemy, the plants are offering much to study regarding psychic and energetic violation that occurs through magic practices that are not rooted in the earth.

Whether collective or personal, it is important that we are holding plant-informed virtues for the creation, healing, and rebirth of humanity. We must remember we are not separate from nature, and know how to teach restoration from a place of consent within the womb of creation.

Particularly as magic is shapeshifting into more of what I refer to as Atlantean (technology) timelines, healers will move into trusting magic, practices, or devices that are inorganic or bypassing the earth cycles of life and death. 

As we weave with the energetics of now, I am called to teach on these violations presently occurring through healing practices, how to spot them, and how to shift out of their power.

  • Plant Taught Values Presentation (x2)

  • Plant Connection Ritual

  • Community Share / Question & Answers


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