Magical Plant Products

Transform your life with pure connection to plant frequency.


Eliza is a plant-taught herbalist.

Her ancient Gaian roots have made it possible for her to communicate with the living natural world since birth. Growing up in the woods as an only child, she is passionate helping others to connect in relationship to plant spirits as friends through bridging the land, sea, and sky within the webs of the womb. She & Patrick live sustainably in the mountains tending to wild plants, moon gardens, and her greenhouse for ceremonial potions that she personally crafts for you. 






Patrick and Eliza grow and wildcraft up to 80% of the plants that they work with for remedies.

When Eliza makes plant spirit medicine for you, she includes your story, birth information, direct messaging from the plants, and intuitive guidance in the process. She is open and detailed about the creative crafting of the formula and it's alchemy, and guides you through the best ways to work with the medicine ritually. Eliza knows wisdom flows through your own personal healing process, and a follow-up session is always included in the price to help you understand and integrate the healing.




Come to Eliza with any aspect for healing: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. You will meet for a session online where she will ask the plants what you need. She will also work with Ayurvedic principles and analyze your birth chart to make a corresponding medicine to facilitate your goals.

Eliza created a gorgeous custom tea for me. It tastes wonderful, and leaves me feeling so nurtured and supported.

It's soothing and uplifting all at once. I'm so pleased! 

MONICA, Perfumist

So far, I have ordered 2 different products from Rise & Shine, Love. The moment the first one arrived,

the energy in my house shifted! I have been using it since and coupled with my 2nd product, the results

are amazing already. I look forward to this healing journey and feel confident in the process and

love Eliza puts into her products! Thank you so much; I feel so blessed to have found you.

REBECCA, Fine Artist


This reading includes your astrological birth chart and how you best connect to the natural world to develop your organic superpowers and awaken your connection to Gaia. Eliza will craft a few remedies for your personal awakening process. This offering is for your conscious evolution, for healing victimization, and letting toxic patterns become your past.

Truly a wonderful healer and my personal preference for shamanic and spiritual growth help.

Every time I've come to Liz with a request for healing creations, she has more than fulfilled my desires

and the products are always bursting and vibrant with much love, healing, care and intention!

Such a strong and therapeutic presence of her energies and vibrations within all her work, and

within any contact with her.

KAYTLYN, Yogi & Healer

Eliza is absolutely amazing!! She has helped me in the past a lot but most recently,

I had several sores that were open, infected, and they just kept getting worse.

Bacteria was literally eating away the skin. Doctors gave me antibiotics to help but the

antibiotics gave me a severe case of pancreatitis. I got a Aloe-Salt Cooling Magnesium Spray to try.

One week later and all of these horrible open sores are completely closed and the majority of them

are closed and are just scarring over. I am amazed and never thought I would see results like

this in a week's time. Previously, I had seen doctors, specialists, etc... for over 6 years trying to

get it all figured with no results. HIGHLY recommend this!

BETHANY, Dog Trainer, 2017


Eliza will make you a set of 7 personalized essences for you to align, communicate, and heal with each planet and its influence on Earth.  The remedies will increase your connection with the Divine, with what is possible, your understanding of plant frequency in relationship to astrology, and has amplified natural gifts. This is a ritual for those who lead a ceremonial lifestyle or for those who want to start. This set will treat your deepest wounding and support your evolutionary healing process to break through life-long blockages and illness. Allow 9-weeks for the medicines to be made and sent to you after your appointment. This includes 2 sessions with Eliza, ideas on how to facilitate this journey for yourself, and 7 plant remedies designed according to your astrology.

I found out [Eliza] was a healer and she worked with people on the levels that they needed to be worked with.

So we began discussing things. Namely how I wanted and needed to love myself more, and how to really

heal some heavy emotional blocks I had. Guilt was a big one. So she made me up oils and teas and all

sorts of amazing things. Through working with Eliza and her products I was able to not only love myself

and feel confident but also heal scars both spiritually and physically that had been there a long time.

One of the biggest was my c section scar. Each of my children was born through it (3!!!) And I harbored guilt

that I never had a what I considered to be a true and powerful birth. That my very power and female essence

has been stripped from me. But as I worked through this supported by Eliza and her products not

only did those spiritual and mental scars heal... but to my amazement my physical body followed suit

and now that c section scar that has been there for more than 8 years now...that has been cut into as

recently as 2.5 years ago healed and disappeared too.

NIKKI, 2016

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Eliza guides DIETA or Plant Attunement processes for those on the shamanic plant path. 

She works within the lineage of Natura Sophia to design the perfect process for you to attune to a particular plant frequency and sing the light.

There is availability every July to do long-term isolation dieta with Eliza otherwise we see what weaves into being for a soft dieta that she facilitates mostly long-distance.

reach out about possibilities with dieta here