Rise & Shine, Love! has options to make your stay perfect for you.

Healing Session

RSL offers a wide variety of healing modalities. When you book a healing session with one of our practitoners, you can be sure that the service you recieve is customized especially for you. When you arrive, there will be fresh homemade healing teas, calming spaces to relax and integrate; whether that is inside curled up by the fire or outdoors under the trees in a hammock... We invite you to hang out for a bit, explore, chat, and rest in the hours surrounding your session. On select days, you can also join us for supper!


Perfect for an individual, a couple, family, or two good friends.

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Overnight Retreat

An 'Overnight Retreat' is more focused for intensive healing, integration of growth, and deep holistic understanding of Self. Similar to a Day Retreat, it is a customized experience for your particular situation. You arrive at 10am for an opening intention ceremony, spend the night in a room in our Poolhouse, and depart at 10am next day. Some ideas for an overnight retreat are: customized alchemical medicine making, yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, aquatic body work, workshops on various healing modalities, lucid dreaming and manifestation techniques, shamanic journey, sound healing, crystal layouts, psychic readings, and wellness coaching. There will be sacred time for introspective rest, rejuvenation, swimming in our warm saltwater pool, and hiking.

Lunch, Dinner, and next day Breakfast are included; all organic Ayurvedic meals. Perfect for an individual, couple, or family to detox, heal, unwind, build relationships, inspire compassion, love and creativity while learning about Self.

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Immersion Retreat

Day Retreat

Come recharge, relax, explore, and enjoy your day at RSL.  On a "Day Retreat', you arrive at 9:00am for an opening intention ceremony and flow into morning yoga or meditation. Enjoy an organic Ayurvedic lunch with us, and we will move into intuitive healing afternoon sessions such as massage, Reiki, sound therapy, crystal layouts, shamanic energy work, and psychic reading & wellness coaching. End with a floating lucid dreaming meditation in the pool to integrate your day retreat experience into life at home. Completion at 4:00pm.

 Perfect for an individual, couple, or family to detox, heal, unwind, build relationships, inspire compassion, love, and creativity while learning about Self.

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Weekend Retreat

A 'Weekend Retreat' can occur on any set of days; although, most commonly booked on a weekend. It is similar to an Overnight Retreat schedule, with more sessions and occuring over a few days. A weekend retreat is recommended for those needing to rest and rejuvenate in nature with healthy company. It is for growing, healing, and integration. Arrive on a Friday evening for an opening ceremony, dinner, yoga and/or meditation, and get to bed early for a Saturday morning yoga and hike. Spend Saturday working with practitoners, reading, writing, swimming... this is completely customized for you! Wake up on Sunday refreshed, eat breakfast, pack up, and depart feeling the light with a closing floating meditation in the pool.


Friday Dinner, Saturday Meals, and Sunday Breakfast are included; all organic Ayurvedic meals. Perfect for an individual, couple, or family to detox, heal, unwind, build relationships, inspire compassion, love and creativity while learning about Self.

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