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Shimmering of rose gold and rainbow light,

Natura Sophia is a living 'Pink Tent' womb lineage.


You are invited to join Eliza

for a 2-Hour Ceremony on the

 Super Pink Libra Moon

April 7th at 7pm MST



Our soul heals the womb

with plant prayer of

sacred union

for the red & white thread 

seeded within our own feminine body.


As Eliza shared her song & moon blood with the Earth,

she learned that there is more depth to the wise woman tradition of giving our blood back. In Natura Sophia, we connect to the plants, and listen to the song that weaves intelligence between human & divine. Eliza will share steps to further increase the intelligence of the blood and the plants merging in your own practice. This ritual is a way to live a guiding pillar of Natura Sophia.


In this Virtual Temple

  • Water & Body Prayer for union with the Cosmic Womb

  • Natura Sophia Moon Blood Ritual

  • Rose Gold Journey to balance & merge the living red thread and white thread within you

  • Sister Circle Share

To Bring:

  • House Plant or able to be cozy on call outside

  • Moon Blood, Amrita, Tears, or water

  • Chalice of Water

  • Cozy, quiet spot for ceremony



For those of you in the Virtual Medicine Circle with Eliza & Patrick, please attend for a special price link. Everyone is welcome to click & join the Virtual Medicine Circle at any time.

Zoom Link Sent Upon Sign-Up

Investment: $20



Virtual Medicine Circle Participant: $15



Venmo: @RiseShineLove


Thank you & Aloha