Mentorship with Eliza


We all have our own uniquely powerful essence to honor. 

Are you wanting to merge with yours?

Come as you are for a mentorship in the lineage of Natura Sophia.

Explore womb shamanism, mermaid shamanism, your own personal Magdalene remembrance, Lemurian consciousness, plant medicine, animism, healing, integration, leadership, and activism.  


Learn to recognize patterns in what is happening multidimensionally, cosmically, on Earth - and where you fit into it. How you can best listen and apply yourself personally. 

This is for those who want to deepen innate sacred gifts through personal experience that leads to integrity and wisdom. We elevate your connection with your womb as a portal to Gaia Sophia, the Elements, Myths, Mysticism, and the Plant Realm. ​Eliza also guides you to become a teacher/guide to best offer your own personal experience of conscious & visionary realms.

Eliza has a few select openings each year for those inspired by their own magic and want to devote themselves to that sacred union. A mentorship position with Eliza is profound holistic healing over many months that contain online & in-person work, trainings, retreats, and other offerings personally crafted for your expansion in life path as medicine woman.


Mentorship Application
Mentorship Structure
Choose one or more for how long you'd like to mentor
Let's talk payment plans. What is your investment budget? One Example: For a 12-month payment contract (9 Moon Mentorship): $1500 is private in-person training with retreats and online coaching. $900/month includes retreats, immersions, and many online 1:1 coaching. $500 is 1 retreat and online sessions.
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Eliza looks forward to connecting with you!