Full-Immersion Healing

CerEmonial Overnight

Multi-Day Healing Stay

Arrive at the Temple in the evening (4pm). Enjoy beautiful tea customized for you. Perform a personal intention ritual and meditate while cradled in the quietude of nature. Eat a delicious organic dinner with Eliza and Patrick prepared to your dietary preferences. Afterwards, we begin with cacao or a visionary tea and experience a 3-hour shamanic healing ceremony in the Temple.  Options include energies of Womb presence, Sacred Union, Dragon Shakti Breathwork, Floating Reiki/Energy Work, Grief Healing, Aquatic Sound Healing, and oracular song. The next morning, we have an intellectual integration session over a cozy breakfast.


The overnight is customized for you! Lots of personal attention and 1:1 work.

Prices start at $380/person with $200 per person after that.


Ask about reduced rates for couples in Sacred Union.

2-Days, 1 Night.

This option is for deeper transformation with two healing sessions in addition to the Ceremonial Overnight. Arrive at the Temple after lunchtime. We begin with heart-centered communication in a tea and tarot session to understand the deeper energies at play. Then, perform a personal intention ritual guided by Eliza to set the healing in motion. Meditate on surrender before a delicious organic dinner prepared to your dietary preferences. Afterwards, drink cacao or  visionary tea, and experience a 3hour shamanic healing ceremony in the Temple. The next morning after breakfast, Eliza will guide you through a deeper healing practice for emotional, physical, and intellectual integration of your Spirit work. Have a light grounding lunch before heading home. Options include energies of Womb presence, Teacher Plants, Mini-Vision Quest Mountain Hike, Sacred Union, Dragon Shakti Breathwork, Grief Healing, Yoga Nidra, Guided Meditations for Magic, Floating Reiki/Energy Work, Aquatic Sound Healing, oracular song, and spiritual mediation.


The Immersion is customized for you!

Prices start at $600/person with $350 per person after that.

3 days, 2 nights.

This option is for transmutation, remembering yourself as Divinity, and guidance in rebirth. Days have a similar outline to the Full Immersion (above) with more time to rejuvenate and integrate your healing and teachings (which can be the most important part of this work!). Options include broth/juice cleanse, energetic + holistic cleansing, customized plant medicine + communion, Ancient Feminine Temple Rituals, Vision Quests, energies of Womb presence, Mountain Hikes, Sacred Union, Dragon Shakti Breathwork, Grief Rituals, Womb Pulsing, Floating Reiki/Energy Work, Aquatic Sound Healing, oracular song, and spiritual mediation.


The Stay is customized for you! 

Prices start at $850/person for 3 weekdays, 2 nights and start at $1000 for a weekend.


Every option is customized for your personal 

 healing experience, with 1:1 attention to your process.

Remember the magic that you are.

The Casual Overnights are for exploring and enjoying the healing arts in a nurturing group setting. The Ceremonial + Multi-Day are 1:1 attention in intensive healing for milestone results in trauma and blocked energies.

*You can book any stay and add an extra night in-between or on either end for $100 and it includes breakfast.

*We can pick you up and bring you to Denver International Airport for no extra charge. Our location is remote without taxi so if you want to explore off property, bring a car.

*Babies at the breast always welcome. Toddlers can come for no extra charge and we request a nanny service. We have a local one with a healer to recommend.

*If interested in family healing opportunities and pricing, be sure to note. We love catering to families who heal together.

CerEmonial Overnight for healing

Casual Overnight + Retreats

Arrive at the Temple for 2 nights with family or friends. Enjoy lots of free time to be together! Perfect for a goddess getaway weekend! We provide beautiful teas and healing ceremony, massage (extra), reiki, yoga or meditation, or a guided hike up the mountain. We make delicious organic meals once a day for you prepared to your dietary preferences. Breakfast is also included! The healing sessions are customized for your group.

Prices start are $350/person for 7 (max), and $550/person for 4 (minimum).

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