Virtual Online Sessions

If you haven't met Eliza… please schedule a complimentary 10-minute consultation.

On the call, introduce yourself, your healing process, and your familiarity with mystic realms.

Get to know Eliza and how she can help.


There are price-points for everyone to receive the healing they seek. Payment plans always available.

Eliza recommends the Virtual Immersion 2 EXTENDED SESSION Package for anyone wondering where to start.


These are the options for Online, Skype and Phone Sessions with Eliza:


All readings consist of tarot cards, oracle cards, and Eliza’s natural intuitive connections to the Spirit Worlds, Natural Worlds, Paranormal, and Akashic Records.

$55 ONE-QUESTION READING: Eliza will lay out a tarot spread for the one-question on your mind. Explore the question to its depths with Eliza’s intuition. She will relay all information to you in clear understanding. Approx. 25 minutes

$80 FOCUSED READING: Are you wondering about your life path, a relationship, career, love life, or what the cards say about a certain event past present and future? This reading will discover what is hidden. Approx. 45 minutes.

$125 FULL READING: If you live a life of magic and medicine, this is for you. With the full reading, we have all the time necessary to dive into every facet of the web that surfaces for exploration. We start by seeing what cards fly out of the deck to greet you. We ask deep questions. We receive deep answers. We traverse the main energy centers in your body, align them, and ignite them for your best path forward. No question required; just a calling or a feeling to put forward. Approx. 1Hour+

Look to 90-Minute or 2-Hour sessions to

incorporate ceremonial healing, past-life or sub/unconscious journeywork,

and understand the medicine from dreamtime awareness.


Focus on certain areas of the body, mind, and emotions that need spiritual intelligence, conscious presence, and energetic healing. Eliza guides you for deeper understanding, clarity, and healing.

$30 REMOTE REIKI SESSION at Eliza’s convenience

Receive Reiki Healing for anyone or anything.

$100 GUIDED MEDITATION + REIKI via Skype Examples: Divine Healing Energies, Yoga Nidra, Chakra Alignment, Womb-Heart Breath for Fertility and Feminine Healing, Abundance. Approx. 1 Hour

$145 JOURNEYWORK with Healing, Sound + Breathwork

Go a bit deeper, and be interactive co-creator in your healing process. Approx. 90 minutes

RECOMMENDED: Take any of these examples, and book a 3-SESSION PACKAGE for $350. 1st Session: Discover the situation in fullness through questions and Oracle work. The second session is empowerment through healing journeywork. The third session is transformation with direct guidance on how to integrate the healing, and put it into action now.


So, you know you are magical. You have always been unique... never really fitting into society, feeling so very deeply, and you are ready to claim your birthright as healer and transformative leader. Now what? It is time to translate your ancient ways of being and innate knowing into real-time grounded employment paths of purpose, health, and prosperity.

$145 NEWBIE SPECIAL: If you are just learning what your purpose is, start with a guided meditation and healing to receive knowledge about your innate intuitive and living gifts. Then move into an Oracle Session for clarity and grounded understanding. Approximately 90 minutes.

$160: SINGLE COACHING SESSION around 60 minutes: Workshop the blockages in your expansion process. Attract your ideal clients. Change your relationship with working, money, exchange.  Get the push for commitment and dedication to your dream life. Finalize your next big offering with detail and finesse.

$444 for TRANSFORMATION: The first session is discovering the situation in fullness through questions, Astrology, and Oracle work. The second session is empowerment through healing journeywork. The third session is transformation with direct guidance on how to integrate the healing, and put it into action now. Each session is 60-75 minutes with email support and direct advice for 30-days.


LIVING LIFE AS CEREMONY: 3-Month Support: $1650

Quit your day job, and live your day dream. Eliza will walk with you step-by-step through every cluttered energy that is keeping you from your highest realized and purposed self. Your own personal spirit guide at your service.

LIVING LIFE AS CEREMONY 3-Month Support + Personal

3-Day Retreat: $3300

Come work with Eliza through transformative and visionary plant medicine ceremonies and integration. Realize your highest potential, superpowers, and integrate as the Living Life as Ceremony package. Must be ready to never go back to before... evolution full steam ahead.

WE NEED TO TRUST OUR KUNDALINI. It is a living intelligent force within us that is beyond human understanding. With the popularity of countless methods that awaken Kundalini, the key within them all is to TRUST YOURSELF.  This is understood intellectually on a surface level, but many do not live it.


Especially during entheogenic experiences... be satisfied with yourself and where you are. The drugs that affect our Kundalini awareness aren't for everyone - and this is a mass-confusion in psychedelic revolution - but if you find yourself awakened, wounded, drained, and confused: DO NOT QUESTION YOUR KUNDALINI. 

Question what got you there, question the method, question the external, question the paranoia, question the energies arising, but don't question your own activation in its divine timing. 

You are activated on purpose!

Your kundalini chooses when to activate and awaken; trust it. It is a fine line to walk in trusting YOU, committing to YOU, and the mystery.


$350 21-DAY SUPPORT: Have access to Eliza through 2 integrative healing sessions, and email/text support when needed in-between.

Psychedelic Guidance + Ayahuasca Integration,click here

Plant Spirit Medicine

Eliza is a plant-taught herbalist. Her deep Gaian roots have made it possible to communicate with the living natural world since birth. Growing up in the woods as an only child, she is passionate helping others to connect to in relationship to plant spirits in bridging the land, sea, and sky within the webs of the womb. She lives sustainably in the mountains tending to moon gardens and wild plants for ceremonial potions that she personally crafts for you. 


$120: SINGLE REMEDY FOR PLANETARY ASPECT Come to Eliza with an aspect for healing and she will analyze your birth chart to make a corresponding medicine to facilitate your process in harmony

$200: ASTRO-EVOLUTION REMEDY: This reading includes your astrological birth chart and how you best connect to the natural world to develop your organic superpowers and awaken your connection to Gaia. Eliza will craft remedies for you to take in your awakening process. This offering is for your conscious evolution, healing victimization, and letting toxic patterns become your past.

$444 for PERSONAL ALCHEMY SET:  Eliza will make you a set of personalized medicines for you to heal your connection with Earth, the Cosmos, and your natural gifts. They will treat your deepest wounding and support the evolutionary healing process.


Starts at $500 to invest with Eliza for an entire year. She will customize a series of sessions for you, as your life shifts and changes with the seasons and the quick transformations in your life. 

$300 2 EXTENDED SESSIONS that reach the hidden places through taking a unique and personalized approach. We will come up with something completely special for you. This allows Spirit to flow at will - very important in the intuitive process. Eliza recommends this!

$650: SEASON SESSIONS: Eliza will be tuned into you for an entire year... checking in to your healing progress and magical energetic upgrades. She will be there to support you during the celebrations, the light and the dark, and the rebirth cycle. This is for a hand-to-hold with sustainable, grounded clarity in yourself and your path. 4 In-Person Sessions & 2 Oracle Readings sent to your email.

$1100: SHADOW-WORK INTENSIVE: This offering is for women to dive into the dark Feminine with Eliza as a personal teacher. We dive into the darkness to go THROUGH it, and emerge on the other side with more wisdom that imaginable. Work with Eliza for 6 Weeks for transformative integral change. This work takes events that knock us down dead into resurrection. Meet your powerful Self that has been hidden by fear and pain. Rebirth the trauma into healing, together.

let's connect personally

Oracle guidance, cosmic energy reports, support of a loving community.

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