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It is my joy to serve you from anywhere around the world. What a blessing that we can meet on a live call and connect. After you book, I will contact you with forms & dates for your session. Note that my availability can be a few weeks out depending on my Natura Sophia schedules.


Thank you,


Intuitive Tarot 

Brew yourself some tea, and share in oracular wisdom with Eliza. She is known as a prolific channel for ancient knowing, clear direction, and transformation. 


Ask her anything that comes forward.

30 Minutes $75


1 hour $150

Shamanic Soul Song & Womb Healing

For individual healing with Eliza,

you meet with her twice in 4-10 days.

Between both sessions, there is soul connection, clarity,

energetic-shamanic healing,

ceremonial guidance

and integration support.

This session is requisite booking for extended mentorship or ceremonial work together.


2-Session Healing $350

Living Life as Ceremony

4-Session Coaching

This is a series of 4 sessions & message support over 2 months for the individual seeking Eliza's channel, teaching, shamanic council, and affirmation within

their spiritual healing practice.

For building a business or a personal life, this offering accesses your soul's unique divine plan and

we implement it together.


Coaching $1050.00

Pay Half To Reserve

Plant Medicine Support


I just want everyone to know that no matter how they interact with Eliza, they are receiving healing from an ancient Goddess, an embodiment of the Divine Mother. 

- Lindsey, Non-Profit Director 

Eliza is a prolific channel. - Abby, CEO

I searched for Eliza my entire life. When I found her, I knew I was home, and could finally relax and receive the teaching I came here to receive. - Sophia, Intuitive Bodywork

Eliza is bringing light, love, and understanding to those who seek to grow. - Carmen, Paralegal

let's connect personally

Oracle guidance, cosmic energy reports, support of a loving community.

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