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After leading hundreds of wombs through healing ceremonies, Eliza has put together a 4-Hour Seminar to share what she has learned about menstruation through a womb shamanism perspective.

This is not a comprehensive guide, such as the curriculum offered in Song of Sophia School, but it is a valuable well of wisdom for life changing transformation in energy and physical health of your womb.

Any woman or womb carrier who is inspired to transform their relationship with their womb, please join us.  You will learn how to physically reduce pain, resentment, and disease through opening as portal to the infinite,  blood as song of the earth, and their moon time as holy wellbeing.


In this Seminar

  •  Menstrual and Womb Healing Practices

  • Menstrual Health from Eliza's Shamanic Perspective

  • Fertility and the Moon Cycle

  • Divine Mother & Womb of Creation Attunement

  • Shamanic Womb Embodiment Prayers

  • Song of Sophia Menstrual Herbalism

  • Song of Sophia Moon Blood Rituals

  • Yoni & Vocal Connection

  • Soul Retrieval of Your Blood

  • Womb Circle Questions & Share 




Eliza knows menstrual health information needs to be available to any womb who hears the call, especially information that could transform painful, resentful times of the month into ecstatic experiences of your

feminine power within. 


Therefore, this offering is 'Pay What You Can'. Please fill out the registration form below that will take you to PayPal.

Please put in your own amount on the PayPal entry with fees in mind. If you are a student of Song of Sophia Living School, you already have access as a gift for your enrollment.


I hope to see everyone on the live calls.

xo Eliza








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"I spent years working with tantric guides, womb professionals, and feminine leaders. When I met Eliza, everything in my womb changed. My moon cycle became ecstatic with clarity pouring in. I feel like the most blessed person in the world to work with her." - Lindsey

"I feel as if I am floating in my mother's womb when I am with Eliza. The authenticity is palpable. Her knowledge is like being showered in love." - Brianne