21-day Magdalene Mysteries

Vision Quest

Womb Priestess Shamanism  facilitated by Seren Bertrand; foundress of Fountain of Life and co-author of award-winning book Womb Awakening

Today on the Aries Full Moon, it has been a full lunar cycle since the bees started kissing me with a slight sting.

They fly to my fingertips, perch on my gemstone rings, and crawl along my hands where we lock energy. They take off to swirl around my arms and my body. We dance together as they are buzzing through my hair. Eventually they end up my skirt where they sting my upper thighs.

I notice if I keep my energy locked upon them to follow their spiral, they usually don't sting. It isn't as easy as it sounds though as their spiral is a Magdalene vision quest of sorts, sending me into a vision where my body becomes the hive. Through flashes of insight, the bees share their mystery and wisdom from beyond the veil.

Through courting the paradox of listening to humans, the plants of Gaia, and the songlines of bees simultaneously... I am learning to bridge worlds of understanding. The Magdalene union is of sweet nectar.

Curiouser and curiouser, the bees have infused song into our essence-elixirs for the Magdalene Vision Quest.

Join the Womb Awakening21-Day Magdalene Mysteries Vision Quest to bridge worlds and journey beyond the veil with elixirs to assist in activating shamanic womb lineage and lifestyle.



As your Potion Priestess, I have prepared 4 Magdalene Essence-Elixirs to guide you along the entire 21-Day Vision Quest + beyond. 



Once you are signed up for the quest, you will receive the password for plant essence purchase. If you don't receive it, ask me. These powerful essences are only available to those who do the sacred journeywork hence why their purchase is password protected.

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