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Mermaid Temple of the womb

Mermaids are womb shamans; 

ancient midwives of multidimensional divine consciousness.

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I honor my lineage 
My lineage 

As I dance on the spiral 
through the passage of these rites 
the wisdom of the cycle 
the mother blood that gives me life 

In the waking of her daughter 
and the bearing of these bones 
to the birthing waters 
where I find myself reborn

                                                  Marya Stark

The Mermaid Temple of the Womb has been recognized by Womb Shaman, Hawaiian Kahuna, and Star Beings as a divine portal in resurrecting ancient Feminine Temple Arts of womb consciousness, Magdalene Midwifery, Lemurian Shamanism, animistic spirituality, and ceremonial living. Eliza founded The Mermaid Temple while continually inspired from her Mermaid Womb lineage as she organically remembered in journey within the warm saltwater mineral pool at Rise & Shine, Love Ceremonial Living Home.


There is no guru at our Mermaid Temple. Every woman who tends to the Temple is a Priestess. We foster sovereignty, kinship and skills of the high mystic sisterhood, and the family-led birthing process; as our equal devotion.

We are practicing to deepen our birthing of mystic feminine consciousness, and mythic embodiment with the living wisdom of Gaia Sophia. We are courting the paradoxical mystery with our mountain land meadow + gardens, the Mermaid lineage, the Whales + Dolphins, the cosmic sea, dancing Kundalini, and ancestral womb portals within Gaia that connect us to the Stars. Water is our main element for returning to love at the Mermaid Temple; however, we incorporate and honor all elemental forces for Source to speak in a timeless beauty that activates our cellular memories.

We remain nurturing yet thorough in our approach to shamanic living and rebirth. Through warmth, nourishment, trust, transparency, communication, intuition, kindness, bliss, play, song, dance, holy paradox, and processing of shadows and underworld, we realize new transcendence of LOVE.

We connect to the web of life through marriage of heart and womb; nurturing cerebellum awareness and weaving with the masculine brain.

We honor the powerful path of sacred union and family trinity. We work together in understanding the intricate difficulties of trusting through your deepest fears in commitment to a lover, and moving through the blessed grief and rage that surfaces while recovering the original innocence that is birthed through such intimacy.

We have beautiful offerings available such as retreats, workshops, plant medicines, shamanic doula services, and mermaid gatherings - all around the world! Eliza is also available for deeper diving sessions, in-person or online such as: mentorship, ceremonial offerings, coaching, aquatic healing, magical remembering and activation.

See you in dreamtime.

Email with any questions: eliza@riseshinelove.com

Facebook: Eliza Sparkle Stephen

Instagram: MermaidTempleofTheWomb