So you are serious
about strengthening
your relationship with your expanded magical self?

How Does It Work?

Eliza has a few select openings for profound work with her in a 1:1 in a mentorship position. This opportunity is for people who are ready to open up to a magical life of service, discover and deepen their gifts, become teachers and guides themselves, and offer their personal experience to the world of conscious & visionary realms.


Come as you are, and Eliza will guide you to become your own best healer and guidance system.  When you are in a mentorship with her, she is devoted to being your personal medicine woman, coach, guide, cheerleader, and healing facilitator.


You will learn about what is happening cosmically, universally, and especially how you 'fit in' on Earth - and how to best become involved with your own unique chemistry. You will connect instrinsically to Mama Earth & the Elements, learn to hear your higher self in any situation, learn to live life as ceremony, how to develop your own holistic wisdom, lead empowering meditations, and progress heart-communication skills for a life of animism.


30 Day, 90 Day or 6 Month Mentorships currently available. It is ery much recommended that you visit Rise & Shine, Love in person and stay for a few days at the Temple to practice, integrate, and bring your new energies home; integrated and ready to shine.  If you cannot come to Rise & Shine, Love in person or commit to a mentorship, take a look at the Online Workshop Options.


Topics Covered

Keeping your channel as clear as possible for healthy empathy, channeling, and living as Divinity embodied – How to be a Political Activist for Healers & Ancient Magical Beings – How to earn money for your work as a magical being – Deep Healing Practices & Healing Education – Cures for Illness – Plant World Communication - Plant Medicine Formulas & Remedies – Crystal Healing – Astral Travel – Lucid Dreaming – Manifesting – Alchemy – Energy Work – Reiki - Sound & Vibrational Healing – Love Language Instruction – Living in Communion with the Land – Ceremonial Instruction – Intuitive Guidance – Psychic Development & a direct connection to Eliza’s consciousness: all of her experiences with shamanic communities, worldly adventures, relationships, and 'VIP access' to her Spirit Guides that have come to her just to work with YOU! In the application letter, make sure to mention what offerings you are most interested in and what aligns with your path.

Financial Investment is calculated on individual basis. Full scholarships not available at this time.