7-Day Song of Self Mentorship


Eliza is offering 7-Day Private Mentorship  at the Mermaid Temple for healing, transformation, and deep rebirth facilitation for your ancient remembrance, priestess initiations, and vocal awakening.


Through 4-hour of personal immersions with Eliza each day, ayurvedic diet, juicing, restorative yoga, Sophianic Wave therapy, Aquatic bodywork, scholarship, mentorship, and ceremonial plant medicine, you come home to yourself.


Song of Sophia 
13- Moon Course

Song of Sophia is Eliza's mentorship school and it is currently enrolling for class starting in January 2021 for a 13- Moon Live Immersion into all that Eliza teaches at the Mermaid Temple. There are options for additional private sessions, and training retreats in Plant Medicine Integration & Sophianic Wave, Eliza's own healing modality. Starts at $2550.

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Oracle guidance, cosmic energy reports, support of a loving community.

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