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When you visit the Temple, Eliza will serve tea & fruit for the session.

All new in-person clients need to book an 


Come sit down for lunch with Eliza at the Temple, and get to know one another. Open yourself to free-flowing conversation about the metaphysical dimensions of life and what truly matters to you. During Tarot, Eliza calls upon Divine Will to illuminate the deeper complexities of your healing evolution. This is where clarity reigns, and life-long questions of purpose and personal medicine begin to come alive. After this, the ceremonial healing begins in the Mermaid Temple. The ceremony will be the perfect formula of Eliza’s techniques to open your unique energetic connection to healing. The ceremony will flow with energies of the present moment. Sometimes this introductory session is all that a person needs to continue deep healing on their own. More often, this session is a substantial movement in an entire rebirth process of which Eliza continues to midwife in future sessions. A Plant Remedy & an integration call is included.

3+ Hour Session



After your Introductory Session (noted above), Eliza will custom design your your extended work together. Book a package of 3 sessions in-person with

phone calls for integration support in between sessions. 

Payment plans available.




This is the option for the standard1.5 hour session where

you work with Eliza on exactly what you need according to present energies.

Available to students or those who have had an Intro Session.





Experience a body-prayer with your partner in ceremony

with shamanic womb-heart rituals;

 end with dancing with your lover in the water.

We start with 30-minute phone conversation to introduce energies and conclude with 90-Minutes at the Mermaid Temple.

Only available after one partner has an intro session.



Sit with Eliza and have tea over tarot.

She will consult all guides present, tarot decks, psychic channels, angels and plant frequencies to answer your questions. Career, relationship, health, love, past-lives, truths... all is welcome.

She also has online / phone sessions like this available.

Allow for 75 minutes time


Check out group healing events and ceremonies!



No two sessions are the same.

Each one is intricately designed by Eliza as she listens to what is perfect for your healing process. Some options that she considers are tarot, reiki, plant medicine, Watsu, sound healing, womb focused healing, various breathwork techniques, yoga nidra, shamanic journey,

ceremony and ritual.