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Note: There are work-trade or payment plans available.


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at the Mermaid Temple

Come and visit Eliza at the Mermaid Temple in Nederland, Colorado for in-depth work.


How to begin work with her, tarot, single sessions, sacred union, plant medicine, and multi-session packages at the link below. 


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Virtual Spiritual Guidance & Healing

You can work with Eliza from anywhere in the world through meeting online by live video call.


Here are some options for extended coaching, spiritual guidance, womb wisdom tarot, and shamanic healing journeys.


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master schedule for trainings & events available in 2020

Eliza is opening Song of Sophia: Living School of Divine Nature with classes beginning in January 2021.

Enrollment starts September 2nd, 2020.



worldwide retreats 2020

Eliza is focusing on all of the retreats within Song of Sophia Living School of Divine Nature. If you are interested, the School travels to Hawaii, Sardinia, Celtic Isles, Peru, Mayan Riviera, Turkey, and more.

Eliza holds an annual Lion's Gate Gathering at the Mermaid Temple of the Womb every year over 8/8.