Come to the Temple at dusk, be surrounded by candlelight and the moon shining on the water.
Start with a dreaming tea and
your tarot cards read by Eliza.
Float in a hammock submerged in hot mineral water with steamy salt air surrounding you to aid your purification and breathing.
There is journey or meditative guidance with 
plant medicine customized to you personally in addition to aromatherapy and crystal-charged waters for and smooth sailing and relaxation
 into your spiritual body.
While you float, singing bowls will be played around you, vibrating healing ripples through the water into your holistic body. With light healing touch, we move into a shamanic drum and song journey as your dreams manifest to reality.  You can dance in the water to embody your visions.
 Afterwards, have some fresh citrus water, nibble cacao, and rinse off in a shower to solidify your healing experience. 
Bring cozy blankets outside to the gravity chairs and fire (when weather permits) to star gaze in the clear mountain sky as you ground down to go home. 
Starts at $250 for 2 people with
$55/person after that.
Allow at least 3-hours total time.