Mermaids of

Natura Sophia


Womb Shamanism

Ceremonial Weekend

May 16 - 17, 2020


Experience a taste of Natura Sophia,

the fertile rebirthing lineage of The Mermaid Temple of the Womb.


Communicate intimately with Gaia & plant medicine through the shamanic healing of our Feminine Womb.



Open your voice to learn song and prayer of the plants through the wisdom of saltwater as you harmonize with the Tree of Life, and drink tea of Noya Rao.




Bring your moon blood to craft your own Sophianic Medicine that weaves reciprocity with the living frequencies of Earth (a foundation of effortless divine alignment).



Allow for Lemuria, Atlantis & Mermaid Memories to surface as you experience the lunar, receptive, energetic opening of ancient magic in your DNA through breathwork in the warm saltwater, held the arms of your sisters.






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Eliza is a fertile ancient who is birthing a living shamanic lineage called Natura Sophia at her Mermaid Temple of the Womb. She weaves sacred wisdom of the feminine and sacred union through songs, plants, and water. She is a full time teacher of Natura Sophia, and her womb holds remembering of connection to Source through physiological processes of magic that exist in our bodies & cellular structure. Read more about her in detail here.



  • Intimate small group of womxn

  • Opening as Womb Oracle

  • Moon Blood Ceremonial Crafting

  • Mermaid Song Shamanic Water Ceremony

  • Tree of Life: Noya Rao Tea Ceremony

  • Floating Saltwater Breathwork Ceremony

  • Organic meals lovingly prepared for you with all the GF, DF, Veg options! Everyone will bring a meal for potluck or donate to the chef's fund!

Arrive: 12pm on May 16 (Lunch & Dinner)

Leave: 4pm on May 17 (Breakfast & Lunch)

Late Leave: option for early Monday morning flights with a ride to the airport ($100)

Airport: Denver International Airport

If you are flying in, please look into the late leave option above. Or, book your departure flight after 7pm on May 17. We have a carpool that goes to the airport for $30 per person. Expect to arrive no earlier than 5:30pm.

Local Carpool: We will arrange carpools in a private Facebook group for the event upon sign-up. Rides are available up the mountain from Boulder Table Mesa Park & Ride from $10/person at 9am on May 16 and returning at 4:30pm on May 17.


Address, what to bring list, moon blood keeping & directions for all details are sent upon sign-up.

2 spots open

$295 per person