About Eliza

Meet Eliza

Eliza loves waking just before the sun,

opening her windows to fresh air,

singing with the flowers,

and recalling her dreams with a cup of tea.


 Whether swimming, dancing, or merry-making with herbs, 

she is dedicated to it all as ceremonial art. 

As a Watery Earth Mother with the cry of wind and command of fire,

she understands life as a co-creator among the Elements. 


She chooses to fill her days with mystery and laughter,

to fill her home with compassionate rainbow light, 

and fill her lifework with a fertile vibrancy that

ripples up from the womb of Gaia

and down from the Stars she remembers well.

  Living a peculiar yet mystical life started for Eliza at her first memories.  Adopted at birth, she grew up as an only-child, making bonds with Spirit, the forest, animals, and reflections of moonlight on the lake. Gratefully her parents did not stifle her psychic and innate shamanic abilities; however, coming-to-age was quite difficult as she navigated the murky waters

 of ancient remembrance and modern times.


She left the nest of her childhood home at 14 years old;

running wildly with the prudence of the Earth as she moved from school to therapeutic center to school; testing authorities, exploring diverse perspectives, and healing trauma of this life and past.  All the while, singing, writing, and building friendships with other enchanted & worldly souls

as her greatest teachers. 

Becoming curiouser and curiouser... 

Throughout her adult years, Eliza has come to a deep knowing of how to traverse the dark shadow with a steady open heart and oracular womb. She

welcomes routine ego checks and rebirth cycles, and holds much value

in assisting others to activate and traverse in safety.

Living in the Amazon rainforest with families of great shamanic lineages are her most inspired experiences for the creation of Rise & Shine, Love. Coupled with her animistic relationship with the land, she has a fierce dedication to Gaia, womb consciousness, Sacred Union, Ayahuasca Feminine Essence, Rose Lineage, energetic medicines, life as ceremony & honoring the sacredness in all.


She studied Music, Spanish and Ethnic Studies at Cornell College in Iowa, and dove into Anthropology of Consciousness, Indigenous Rights, and Sustainable Development for a Graduate Degree from University of Denver. She had a few years in Human Resources, Non-Profits, and practice in dismantling patriarchal structure before fully dedicating to holistic and spiritual lifework with Rise & Shine, Love and Mermaid Temple of the Womb.


As a natural-born mystic, she cultivates inner glow as a Healing Facilitator of many trades. Officially a Certified Holistic Doula, Certified Postpartum Doula, Certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, and Certified in Watsu. She continues her studies in shamanic birthing with Whapio & The Matrona, and her studies of Spagyric Alchemy with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, and of Eastern Medicines in 1:1 Ayurvedic mentorships. 

She lives with her loving and supportive partner Patrick in Nederland, CO.

You can visit her there.

my experience with eliza

"I have known Eliza for over a decade.  Some might say that makes me biased in reviewing or giving information regarding her. Really, that just gives me an advantage.  I met Eliza when we were both dealing with difficult “things” in our lives.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing her blossom in all aspects of her life.  I understand exactly what she has created in Rise & Shine, Love, and couldn’t be more thankful that this space exists. I have experienced a maternal care-taking, a healing home, a purge & breath of fresh air, a paradigm shift, a feeling of security which allowed me to deal with the various challenges and lessons in my life, and a place where I belong."

Kalli, Mental Health Worker; Cedar Rapids, IA

"Eliza is an authentic intuitive. Her 3-question reading had the depth and breadth of a full session reading. Her Source connection was ignited in shedding light on emotional, physical, spiritual and social arenas. She was specific, down to earth, grounded in real life, and she gave very practical suggestions for mining this as fertile ground for healing and growth, with humor, intelligence, compassion and Wisdom. Eliza takes great care in weaving the information she receives with the questions asked and connecting it with you personally. Wonderful, deep, rich... I recommend everyone to drink from Eliza's heartfelt magical gifts.."

Judith, Spiritual Therapist; Denver, CO

eliza's writings

Why does healing matter?

We heal to know ourselves. To know ourselves from all the nooks and crannies of our being. Through healing, we come to know our heart spaces intimately, as our purposeful engines that can never truly break.  When we heal, we release pain and keeps us from our emotions which are our superpowers aka our Truth. We find out which labels, conditioning, ancestral patterns, and belief systems are harmful, and we can re-write our own stories into our own expressive authentic understanding that reclaims YOU as sacred. 

As we shed layers of lies, pain, and dis-ease, it becomes easier to love ourselves. We naturally make empowered choices to be stress-free.  We go within ourselves and express without fear, which attracts our life-long friends, soul family, and soulmates. As we heal, we naturally learn to meditate - to be still with ourselves - and gain mental clarity. We start to commune with nature, and receive the guidance of the Universe.

When we heal, we hear ourselves better than ever before because we removed judgement. We can access our intuition in a snap and understand for what purpose and why we want to live. We feel our power, and make active choices to engage in what stands in our way.  We are passionate about all our experiences as they have made us magical and unique humans. Bad memories turn into lessons, and knowledge becomes wisdom. We live freely in this world as we honor our individuality just as we honor the Oneness. We embody a radical recognition of ourselves as spiritual, abundant, sovereign, and revolutionary.


When we heal, we access our heart as our primary mode of consciousness.  Through the heart, we access a natural way of being: love, and the outer worlds reveal their inner most secrets to vitality.