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Greetings from the apothecary at Mermaid Temple of the Womb. My name is Eliza, and I am honored to be your Potion Priestess for the 30-Day Descent Journey,

I have prepared three Essence-Elixirs to guide you

through the Underworld + beyond. 

Enjoy exploring the mystical essences of each Elixir. They are all-organic with natural ingredients from our gardens, Temple adornment, and wild nature on the Island of Bali. All are safe for intention, ingestion, and body anointment. 

Please review the alchemy of each to choose any or all that speak to you. I highly recommend working with all 3 Elixirs for a beautifully supported journey process into the Forbidden Feminine. If you have any questions or would love a suggestion for an essence, you can reach out to me anytime. I ship internationally!

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Natalie of Institute of the feminine arts presents...


Descent into the Underworld

30-Day Online Course

By taking the Descent down through our dark hidden parts of ourselves and learning to navigate through these unseen realms, we move through the layers of our personal and collective pain, into the dark and fertile Womb of the World to remember and renew ourselves as men and women of power, birthers of creation.


It is when we are deep down in the depths of the descent that we can find our hidden treasure – our shining light. We can then retrieve this treasure and arise in our ascent with it’s medicine, and birth our shadows into light and our gifts into the world.