Join Eliza for a

Virtual Cannabis Ceremony

December 1st 2020

6:30PM - 8:30PM MST





  This is a Pay What You Choose Offering.  

Some donations are $25 while others are $100+ 

Any amount is welcome. Thank you.





Womb healing benefits all beings as all beings come from the womb.


The womb is our vital essence, our energetic potential for security, creativity, and fertility, and our embodied portal to the Divine. It is a portal for miracles, and a doorway into the mysteries of life. Many also know that cannabis is a miraculous medicine. Cannabis has potential to lift people from cancer, chronic illness, dread, depression, anxiety, and life-inhibiting pain whether it is emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. 

Let cannabis breathe you.
Like the womb, the power of the cannabis plant is vast with potential for misunderstanding.
Many experience cannabis for years without sustainable change and lasting healing occurring in their life. This is beyond the fact that cannabis can be recreationally used or used unintentionally, or for numbing. The womb trusts all of these faculties of cannabis, trusting that the sustainable healing occurs when it is time. The womb does not put any blame or shame on any aspects that come forward with usage. 
One fact of the matter is that when we move purposefully into the intuition of the womb, when we bring cannabis into our body purposefully, we move the medicine deeper into our own unique frequencies for a forever kind of healing. 
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  • Painful or irregular menstration
  • PCOS / Endometriosis
  • Infertility
  • Divine Feminine essence
  • Womb Trauma Integration
  • Shamanic Paths
  • Connection to Cannabis as Plant Spirit
  • Cannabis Healing Transformation
Hello, I am Eliza!

Hello, I am Eliza!

​I’ve noticed when plants are embodied as a medicine and a prayer of the womb, integration naturally occurs.

From experience, my definition of integration: when the world you experience with the plant medicine becomes the world you experience without taking it.

There is clearly a lot of integration not happening even within mindful consumption and intentional ceremonial use.

I am passionate about holding a guided ceremonial practice with this ally in union to the living body, the plant spirit, and the land.

It is common place for a world so far removed from union with the divine, or natural world, to treat plant prayers like pharmaceuticals - something to consume, colonize, and direct.

Many of us are starting our relationship with plant medicine informed by escapism from reality instead of inner world awareness.

This virtual ceremony is to open your womb and merge with the plant to become the medicine prayer embodied.

Please join me for a revival of plant medicine in feminine healing- from the root of creation, from the womb.