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Distance Offerings


All Inclusive Healing with Intuitive Guidance, Reiki, Cleansing & Plant Spirit Medicine

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  • 30-Days of 1:1 Work with me

  • 3 Remote Reiki Healing Sessions

  • 3 Intuitive Guidance Sessions

  • A box full of Sacred goodies & Plant Medicine delivered to your doorstep

  • 24/7 Access to Email Support

$497 + packaging costs


Shamanic Tea Reading Session with Customized Plant Medicine

Have a visionary experience with Eliza through a meditative conversation guided by plant spirits, your guides, and Source healing energy. She will create a customized organic tea formula for you that keeps your energetic channels clear, charged, and channelling Divine information. This is multi-level holistic support for your healing, transformation & awakening process.


  • Intuitive Reading

  • Plant Spirit Medicine mailed to your doorstep

  • Follow-up Appointment

$100 + packaging costs.


Visionary Meditations for [Aspiring or Established] Healers with Plant Spirit Medicine

Up to a 2-Hour Session. Connect and meditate with me via Skype. I will channel to guide you through a visionary meditative state where you communicate with your guides to understand the process of your own healing and we will connect it to that of the collective. When we connect our process to the collective, we become clear on where we have come from and where we are going, who we are serving, and what we are creating. When we are specific, we advance. I can send you Plant Spirit Medicine to enhance the visionary process via USPS to your doorstep (optional) for an additional $20+Shipping.

$124 without the tea + packaging costs.


Handwritten Channeled Letter to You from Your Higher Self

For you or a loved one. Receive a detailed letter in the mail from Your Higher Self; full of intuitive guidance, psychic information, energetic tools, and wisdom that will propel your life forward in a high vibration of love, acceptance, clarity, and peace. Great to send to yourself before a big business opening, a school test, a difficult court date, an anniversary, or when struggling.

$65 includes postage.


Full Spectrum Chakra Alignment Tarot Reading 

This is an intuitive tarot reading with an energetic healing that takes about two hours. Eliza speaks to each individual energy center, explaining to you what the energy center is doing, what it wants to communicate to you, and teaches you how to connect to the individual message of your own body-mind-spirit so you can feel the message for yourself in that moment, nurture yourself, raise your vibration, and progress.



Classic Tarot Reading for Guidance & Resolution 


1 question $ 45

1-Hour Multi-Question $ 90


[4] 1:1 Workshops

Workshops are individually tailored for you by me. For manifestors, life-long learners, people who are wanting more control over their life flow, and those ready to develop more personal + magical skillsets. We meet for two hours over a video call to release your blocks to your success.  In the second hour, I will guide you specifically in advancing your skills and forming stronger relationships to the topics outlined so you are connected to yourself on deeper levels for living magical lifestyles, receiving clearer answers, having a healthier lifestyle, and attracting fulfilling relationships. Receive workbooks, PDFs, Emails, Questionnaires, Cheat Sheets, ETC. as take-home materials.

2- Hour Options with Integration:

1:1 Workshop: Learn to Heal Yourself with Consciousness & Energy Work

1:1 Workshop: Learn to Connect with Plant Spirits

1:1 Workshop: Psychic Development to Reach New Worlds

1:1 Workshop: Your Spiritual Professional Development 

$200 per workshop

on location: the Temple at Rise & Shine, Love

Floating Guided Meditation with Sound Healing

Come float in the warm saltwater pool while Eliza plays sacred sound instruments with optional guidance through visionary breathwork, yogic conscious sleep, orchakra prayer to cleanse and charge your channel + receive divine information. Clear your mind or travel through time & space as your float upon the [sound] waves and offer your heart’s intention into the Universe.

1.5-Hour Session: $120 for 1; $144 for 2; $180 for 3; $200 for 4 people

Extended Session with Tea&Tarot Ceremony: $150 for $1; $200 for 2


Hands-on Healing + Purification Session (Reiki)

Come & relax in a massage bed or in the steamy Salt Water Temple and receive hands-on healing in forms of Reiki Energy, Shamanic Visionary Energy, Plants, Flower Essences, Crystals, Sound Healing + Ceremonial Smudging. To relieve stuck belief patterns, depression; anxiety; fatigue; foggy minds; painful joints; muscles; injuries; broken hearts.

1-Hour Session: $111 (Individual only)


Healing Session for Cancer, Auto-Immune Disease & Chronic Pain/Health Disorders, Military 

This is a therapeutic session to relax (either in the warm saltwater or on the massage bed), and fall into a meditative state. Leave with a new profound trust in the power of Divine Spirit to clarify your health situation by feeling the high vibration of love. <3 Hands-On Methods.

60-Minute Session: $75

90-Minute Session: $90 


Reiki Attunement with Reiki Session

For Reiki Practitioners + Masters, come ground down, unwind, and be re-attuned into the Reiki energy & Source. Attunements consist of guided meditations for ceremonial Reiki energy transfers that help you to embody Source in your cells and clear your channels to receive a stronger flow of Reiki.

1-Hour Session: $111


Vocal Intensive Healing & Empowerment for [Aspiring and Established] Healers

Vulnerability is our superpower! Get raw & real in your own practice to add a transformative twist and align your skillset with your unique vibration. With potential to be intensely healing and/or inspiring, you begin with an intuitive session where your guides bring to light your struggles and success in an opening tea ceremony. Then, Eliza will wrap you in love as you float in the warm saltwater pool, purifying through the guided alchemical process of song, tibetan singing bowls, hands-on healing, and communication to your energy centers through vocal prayers.

2-Hour Intensive: $200


Group Psychic & Tarot Reading Ceremony for Healing, Empowerment, & Transformation

Eliza will guide your group in a ceremony with tea, where everyone has individual readings in a group setting, lead by her wisdom and your own inner power that she will call forth in opening meditation. Increase your skillset as an individual and as a team player/leader. This is fun & also truth telling so be prepared to enter the mystery of the subconscious.

$150/minimum 2, maximum 4


Add up to an extra 90 minutes to any session

Enjoy time in the Temple to float, contemplate, meditate, pray, swim, journal, hammock nap, music, leisurely shower & relax to integrate

$45 additional onto any healing session.

$60 to rent the Temple for 90 minutes without healing session (1 person only)




Tea Time Tarot with Eliza

Explore the apothecary, receive guidance on how to feel into the plants intuitively, receive a tarot reading, and make a tea with Eliza to take home that continues to enhance your awakening process!




Deep Tissue Massage & Aromatherapy

Next to the Saltwater Pool, receive massage by one of Eliza’s magical LMT friends;


$140 for 1 person

$200 for 2 people; same day


Yoga with Patrick

Whether you are feeling a gentle stretch to revive your energy or want to go into deep sweats, Patrick can guide you into a powerful savasana with Reiki & Sound Healing.

$75 for 1:1 workshop; $100 for group of 4


Contact for more pricing and available packages

In-Person Offerings

what our friends say

"Liz and Patrick were fantastic hosts. They left organic breakfast food available that accommodated my allergies. The pool house was so serene and it was great having access to the pool at all times. Liz and Pat guided me and my partner in a 30 min Yoga Nidra session which is a floating mediation in the saltwater pool.  It was the best meditative experience I have ever had. I highly recommend it! I also participated in a sound healing reiki session which helped address some of my anxiety issues I was working on at my stay in Ned. At the end of the session, Liz gave me a plant botanical product she MADE for my partner's psoriasis. Overall a great experience that I would do again and highly recommend to someone looking for some calm, relaxation, and healing. Liz and Pat seemed happy to take as much or as little involvement/guidance in my retreat and healing which I highly valued.

Tzara / Artist from L.A.

want to learn badass witchery?


Do you feel a call to service and know that you are a magical person?  We are reclaiming the word witch. It is not religious, it is not spiritual, it is a loving movement for us to connect to ourselves as divinity. We don’t give our power to anyone without our permission. I’ll help you grow your creativity, self-awareness, connection to the Elements, and guide you to actualize your ability to serve your community. To do this, there is a lot of healing, energy work, plant communion, and learning to speak the heart language; the language of the plants.  

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