Essential Oil Blend for working with the message; listed at the bottom.

"Paradigm on its way out, way out..."

Channeled Message inspired from the politics of current tides that are ripple-effecting the Universe; then, now, and becoming.

Calling on Spider Medicine.

Work with your local environment in service.

Work with where you are & what you are given.

What are your skills?

Pay attention to the details you weave within the Web.

Work on one intersection of the web at a time.

The cycle of creation begins with a singularity, where the web meets in all of its infinities.

What do you enjoy about politics? The collective? The community? The expression? The choices? FOLLOW YOUR JOY TO BRING SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.

Creating HEALING is sustainable change.

You can perceivably heal through manipulation, but manipulation does not bring change that lasts. It is tight energy, easily broken, unsteady, and tricky in its application. Manipulation is not gentle with your will.

What is manipulation? Are you manipulating?

Manipulation is judgment, and comes from ego or strong intellect. Manipulation is anxious and nervous. Manipulation is fear. Are you scared? It has consequences for you, as it does for others, as it does for Mother Earth. Manipulation is selfish for immediate satisfaction. Do you want to live in a world where you get what you want through manipulation?

Focus on what brings joy...

to bring the sense of wonder, the sense of hope, the confidence that mystery provides.

Put your faith in the unseen.

Trust in love for creation and for our children. Your love is your vote, and if that does not resonate with your view on a system - co-create the system in love.

Soak it up from the Stars for the Earth, And know, as above, so below.

Be comforted that Spirit is here, and it is malleable, in love. You are Spirit, too.

Work on mental clarity through art, through music, through bodywork, and emotional expression.

Merge head and heart. Feel tenderness.

Remember, you can live in the timeline of your choosing.

When people seemingly appear and disappear from our life paths, they are on a different timeline. They might still be within the same system, the same space; however, their time flows differently, their emotional responses resonate within a different paradigm. If you do not want to be in a reality with someone as president, or with racism, or certain influences or environments, pack your metaphorical bags and move on to the reality of a different president, or no president, or with whatever is your Truth. Shift time, shift space – they are Spirit, and they are malleable as you. If you are resistant to shifting time or opening your existence to a new timeline, FIND YOUR JOY HERE, NOW.

When joy is not now, you are vulnerable to destructive forces of selfishness, disease, illness, cancer… experiences that manifest outside of unity, outside of love. When you see this manifest in someone else, pointing them out and mentioning 'how unfortunate' is not healing. It is perpetuation.

Send love, send healing, hug yourself and know you are hugging them.

Make yourself a tea that will connect the sick person to their heart, their healing muscle of joy.

Joy and sorrow can be felt simultaneously, with gratitude. Being joyful is not ignoring sorrow. Being joyful is acceptance and expression of all emotions that humans experience; yet remaining in love, gratitude, and unity consciousness. You can be angry and joyful; however, expressing anger/fear/insecurities through hatred is not joyful. You will become sick.

Accept help. Accept feelings that are uncomfortable, and accept the resources offered that will guide you to non-judgment, and love yourself through knowing you are everyone else. We grow with generosity. We change through sharing ourselves, sharing what we have, and our potential. Recognize that prosperity is unity, and unity is abundance. Living in unity is experiencing what the collective singularity of all creation is experiencing. It is taking care of yourself through selflessness. It is a lucid paradox of mystery that does not need understanding because there is love – it is light, it is dark, and it is joyful.

"Here are my hands, let’s see what they’re making…"

Essential Oil Blend for working with the message.

Put it in a diffuser or in a bottle with carrier oil.

JUNIPER Empower through purging worry, purging self-absorption, purging selfishness rooted in the fear of failure, the fear of loss. Activate kidney health, where we energize willpower. CHAMOMILE Center for patience and honesty from our heart space. Remain steady in peace through waves of aggression. Practice gentility with Self for mental clarity. GRAPEFRUIT Unlock unexpressed thoughts and emotions for purification and resulting in a clear conscious for expression. Cool hot-headed reactions into mindful responses. Be your own guide, and help shift insecurities into unity for others, through your example. TULSI When faced with fears, strong emotional reactions, confusion… go to creativity, instead of destructive habits that we might label as comforting. Find comfort in creating through the heart, and be energized in that space. FENNEL Digest intellect into Spirit. Feel the sweetness of a helping hand, and raise vitality and the stamina of our holistic energy reservoirs.

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~*Abundance Attraction*~ Our Original Thanksgiving: Autumnal Equinox.

To my friends, you know this is absolutely my favorite celebration of the year ☺

It is the most powerful of all full moons. Create. Appreciate Abundance. Prepare for Hibernation.

It is at this time and space that we pay attention, listen, and give thanks.

It is Harvest time; we are going into the calm, going into the release, and ultimately, going inwards. The atmosphere and us are beginning to quiet down from the intensity, hardships, and chaos we have been experiencing.

On Sunday, September 27, 2015:

FULL BLOOD MOON (work with it on Saturday, Sunday, Monday).

FULL LUNAR ECLIPSE: 4th and Final Super Moon (Tetrad) of the year, next Super Moon is November 2016. (The best time to see the Eclipse will be as the moonsets.)

Gemstone Guidance

Moonstone and Sunstone together are great to balance anything and everything within our energetic fields... such as the left and right side of our brains, our emotional and mental bodies, and our logic and heart knowledge. Sun and Moon are energetically representative of divine masculine and divine feminine, respectively. As two polarities are in everything, like the light and the dark, the moonstone and the sunstone will present and infuse the vibrational frequencies needed to balance us in this Harvest season with the guidance and wisdom emanating from the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse.

HAPPY HARVEST ‘TIME’ The TIME to work with the Full Blood Moon and Eclipse for Harvest is when Mama Moon first pokes her head over the horizon on Sunday (We can work with her Friday and Saturday also.) Allow her to saturate you. She will be about 13% larger than normal. The gravitational pull will be 13% stronger. At this time, Luna’s energy is very amplified, and in the Harvest season to attract abundance in reciprocity. One idea is to bring an orange citrine with you in this moment you sit with Luna in meditation for soaking up the sun’s creative and manifestation power.

We have a lot of energy working with us in this Harvest! It is Time. Time to re-evaluate and balance what we want to bring out in ourselves and create in our lives for later in the year.

Begin to set intentions. What do we really want to manifest later in the year? What seeds have not sewn yet? Now is the time. Visualize,balance, and attract the abundance. Harvest.

~~~~~ HARVEST TOOLS TO MANIFEST ABUNDANCE ~~~~~ I worked with a few plant guides and crystals to celebrate our Harvest and create tools* for us to work with the abundance and manifest what the Full Supermoon Lunar Eclipse is gifting us:

1) Happy Harvest Oil Blend --10ml roll-on for direct body application: $20 +$3 shipping --2ml (5/8 dram) of pure Essential Oils: $6 +$3 shipping --3oz Abhyanga oil, or massage oil: $15 including shipping ....Ingredients: -Coconut Oil Base, Baobab Oil, Fennel, Clove, Cardamom, Pine, Frankincense, Blue Chamomile, Sandalwood, Sage ...Raw Apple, vanilla bean, and citrus essences cooked into the Massage Oil for Abhyanga.

2) Happy Harvest Tea Blend --3oz: $20 +$3 shipping Passion Flower, Orange Peel, Anise Stars, Cardamom, Raw Cacao, Tart Cherries *My parties with this tea are a HIT every year! The tea is great to pair with tarot, or other intuitive games and moon inspired discussions.

3 )Happy Harvest Floral Bath with Epsom Salts --4oz: $20 +$3 shipping ....Ingredients: Pure Epsom Salts, Orange Peel, Anise Stars, Eucalyptus, Spearmint, White Sage, Raw Coconut *Meditating in the bath with Harvest plants, and Epsom Salts will infuse your EMF with the plant's EMF, making them one. Your magic in the bath is also amplified by the water. Water is the innovator, the cleanser, and the loving mother spirit. PERFECT for manifestation in the Harvest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

I will be making each product by order, and infusing them with energy specific for the person. Order them under the Products tab where it says Shop. I can have them made, and shipped ASAP

in time for the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse three day celebration. You can continue to order these products all throughout our Harvest Season, and after to increase Harvest abundance yearround. There will not be another Supermoon until November 2016.

Happy Harvest! Love, Elizabeth

*highly medicinal products. I am not a doctor. Not recommended for children or pregnant women. (If you are pregnant, please message me, and I will make you a special blend.) All of my products are made with organic, sustainable, ethically sourced, high quality, medicinal grade mediums. A little goes a long way.

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“When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance. This is the vibratory promise which is the gift of our Universe.”

Fabien Maman

Particles vibrate in unity with musical law. The combined research of Fabien Maman and Joel Sternheimer discovered that body tissues, organs, and energetic meridians each have a musical note. Every person has a fundamental sound that is their most powerful healing tool to balance, harmonize, and regenerate cells in their body. To find the fundamental sound through a scientific method, Kirlian photography, blood cells, and the person’s own voice are employed and examined together.

If you have ever had a photo of your aura taken at a shop, festival, or metaphysical fair, it was most likely by a Kirlian camera. This camera uses a technique most commonly known as electrography in which the conjectural energy field (aura) of the subject is captured through ‘contact print’ photographs at high voltages. This occurs as the subject is put directly onto the film, which sits on a metal plate where the voltage is applied to create an exposure.

Unless a person is comfortable with understanding vibrational frequencies through the ‘Clair’ senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and/or clairgustance), the life force that surrounds all living beings is unseen to the naked human eye. This inside look is what makes the photography valuable to the studies of health and wellness. As Kirlian science pairs with spirit, the auric image tells of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of a living being. It shows disease, or dis-ease, illness, imbalances, blocked energy, over-productive energy, and healthy energy through various color intensities or depletions. In particular, Kirlian photography can access our most pure inner wellness through examining exposures of our blood while sounding tones, or music.

As every living being has an aura, every being is also in a constant vibrational state, as we are made up of particles and waves. The aura is a vibration; a collection of many fine-tuned connected workings of the body that are very subtle, hence why Kirlian photography is needed for most to see it. Since sound is also vibration, and a rather obvious one, it easier for the human body to feel it, and refine its system in response. As example, for some, continuous drumming vibrations make the mind feel light and the body heavy, while the vibration of a school bell ringing might sharpen the senses.

When a drop of blood is taken from a living being, through a finger prick or a similar mechanism, and multiple Kirlian images are taken of the blood sample in progression with tones of a chromatic scale sang by the blood donor, the aura of the blood changes dramatically. Maman first discovered this practice through many trial and error photographs where he played a xylophone to healthy cells, and recorded their responses. Even the slightest half step in tonality shifts the appearance, shape, and color of the cells. The fundamental sound of a person cannot be mistaken.

When the blood cell produces a balanced, round shape with vibrant colors that match the chromatic tone, that tone is the fundamental sound of a person. That tone is the fundamental vibration that will regenerate the body at the cellular level.

As cancer cells are examined through Kirlian method, they explode when exposed to dissonant vibrations. Sick cells are not flexible or resonant, while healthy cells are round and vibrant. The healthy cells look magnificent. When the blood sample appears round and vibrant and healthy – that is the fundamental vibration, no doubt about it.

Vibrational medicine is a medicine to cure everything and anything, and there are many mediums in which to explore or practice more. The fundamental sound can be experienced in a variety of ways such as tuning forks, vocal therapy, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, quartz and gemstones, and colors. When our energy fields are clear, or our auras are white, we are in a state of harmonious health. The longevity of vibrational medicine depends upon the holistic wellness and consciousness of a living being through day-to-day life.

If you are interested in your fundamental sound, or a vibrational healing session, feel free to reach out to me.

In Everlasting love,

Elizabeth Stephen

Photo by Terres Unsoeld

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