When Plant Frequency hits, I describe it as being run over by a semi-truck. Your senses become completely overwhelmed with roaring sounds and vibrations that shake you on levels you didn’t know existed.

It can be scary AF, full of anxiety, and depression hits too when we don’t know what is happening. The fact is that plant frequency makes us unable to tolerate current, normalized living standards. It amplifies what we can ignore about the collective wounding.

So when we are feeling sick, we turn to plant medicine for help. ✨🙏🏻 Amazing!

Yet none of us have been taught the difference between plant medicine consciousness, and knowing how to actually reach the frequency of a plant.

Plant Frequency cannot cope. Plant Medicine Consciousness is coping.

This ancient, intrinsic knowledge, has been forgotten as humans started to tell the plants what they want from them 🌿instead of trusting the plant to give them what they need, no questions asked 🌿and then, following through with a lifestyle change so they don’t repeat their cycles of wounding

The plants are always breathing their frequency into you. Humans will suffer when trying to ignore it in attempt to make the truth more palpable; what they want it to be. 🌹

The plants are Gaia; our living breathing Earth. The frequency of our planet is the frequency of the plants. However, many cannot communicate with that either - because it hurts too much - and, they are also projecting that on Gaia.

This projection of what we want truth to be is plant medicine consciousness and is where the high majority dwells: in the astral of the plants / in the astral of the planet.

In the consciousness are the human stories of the plants, and all their projections, coping mechanisms, addictions, false light, false grids, etc that help us to ignore truth.

This is where ‘feeling better’ comes in. This is where chronic use, habitual use, and even intentional use/ceremonial use comes in through consciousness which is anytime we are taking plant medicines to subdue the effects of feeling the actual plant frequency which is a kin to death.

People think their anxiety is caused by situations: something at work, to their city living lifestyle, to relationships...

It is not the situations that make the discomfort but it the plant frequency that will not stop shaking you until you are in right relationship, in harmony.

However, when we are in the consciousness - where humans try to overpower plants - we can temporarily stop the shake through intentional saturation (i.e. patterned usage)


as we continue the cycle of saturation because we are in the consciousness. Where we tell the plant what we want it to do for us aka make us better according to us

. We tell it how to be medicinal. We secretly want to be more powerful then the plants so we limit our interaction - escape the pain.

Instead of receiving the actual medicine of the plant which you cannot control, quantify, or qualify.

I have a 2-Hour Live Talk to go into this deeper on January 2nd. I will be discussing this with a focus on cannabis, psilocybin, and ayahuasca.

This is an incredible missing link from plant medicine lifestyles.

Link is here to sign up

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I birth the Masculine by being WILLING for him to show up. And however he shows up is none of my business. He is not here for my approval. He is not here for a performance.

Sisters, the masculine has landed in a new way. He is totally here.

I remember my womb telling me this time last year that it would happen around Winter Solstice.

I had no idea what that meant. And I still don’t know m

uch (that is the beauty!)

But I witnessed it happening on Sunday as Patrick Delaney sat me down at the dining room table, and a stream of consciousness moved through him like never before.

I listened at his feet for an hour.

We both had tears streaming down our faces. He said I had never been able to receive him like this, and he had been waiting.

I’ve been integrating all the times the sacred masculine showed up and I wasn’t ready and not able to meet Him (not the other way around).

All the times I tried to feminize the masculine for my own comfort levels. I thought that was the more evolved Masculine! I thought the more evolved masculine was one that I approved of (tehe !! whoops)

All the times I took his wildness, his silence, his solidity, his comedy, his sovereignty; personally.

All the times I blamed the sacred masculine and claimed that he was psychologically abusing me when I was too far in my own emotional rollercoaster to realize he held the key and dissolution I need.

When He suggested

- Calm down

- You’re overreacting

- You’re taking ______ too seriously

- This is easier than you’re making it

- You’re just assuming that

- You’re making a big deal out of nothing important

- You are caring too much

- That is not logical / practical

And I became furious. I categorized this GUIDANCE as a complete dismissal, misunderstanding, slaughter of who I am as a WOMAN! A GODDESS! in all of her divine power and feeling. How dare he suggest that!

And I stand corrected. I see when he was totally correct and healthy in those suggestions.

And I see how I couldn’t meet him there because it was ME who was so out of balance. Well, if he can’t accept all of me – in all of my empowerment and tidal waves – he is not a real man.

I call bullshit on that now. I see the job of the masculine is to take my tidal waves and turn them into purposeful evolution. I see the point of the waves – when we are in balance – is not just to make waves and float in them… It is to actualize them in a way we do not fully understand yet.

In a way we cannot control.

He is here to do it simple, and to do it smart.

My Feminine is like whhhhaattt do you mean by that!

Talk with me about it, break it all down, tell me more details, let’s discuss it.

And He is like: Don’t worry about it. It is easy! Watch me, join in when you know where you belong, and you will learn quickly. Many hands make light work!

And I am overjoyed to drop the hindrance over-emotional patterns and alchemize them for something NEW that I cannot control or assume. He is not here for my approval.

I birth the sacred masculine by being WILLING for him to show up. However he shows up.

I practice devotion to what the Sacred Masculine is bringing forward by allowing it to be none of my business.

He is not mine to curate, to alter, to advise. He is not my coding. He is of the Father. I am opening to Him. Trusting Him. Listening to his frustrations without attempting to feminize him so I can digest it without the discomfort of dissolution.

I see the search for the Sacred Masculine has been us telling him what it is, what we expect, what we allow and don’t accept, what hurts and what doesn’t.

We have been controlling in our birth of him to our detriment, disease, and disillusionment.

He is here, he has been here, and HE FINDS US.

He knows when we have the capacity to meet him. We won’t be able to find him when we search for him at this point: he is not ours to find.

I vow to be WILLING for the wild nature of the masculine to take its course and his self-appointed seat as King; when he chooses, how he chooses, I trust.

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In Tenderness; I see the shadows crafted just for us, sister. I see that he wanted my sister to destroy me. I see how I am her Mother, and She is mine. I see the design.

Sweet girl, a maiden I release control Rites of Passage I go slow

I have a knowing of myself insomuch as I pray.

Divine Mother, I pray to mold my formlessness; my sacred sound. I empty my vessel and allow the light to act as it Will.

I pray to embody you.

Thunder and lightening.

She blesses me abundantly With opportunities to heal And all the resources I need to do it

I see how it has been crafted And triggers you to hide. To cast your sister aside. To fear. Seduce. Manipulate. Clique.

I see the design in the tapestry of OUR soul.

And I am devoted to the depth.

Sister, I don’t have any expectations for you to love me, to like me, to be my friend but I dream of how it could be if we tune into the grief that we inspire together

I dream of a sanctuary of love with women who want to go there - women empowered - women of the circle - and of the Spiral - who want to get real with the wounds they project onto other women empowered 🙏🏻

How wonderful if we conjure the courage together

to MEET our deep wounds

from the place that they began

with sisters who want to help the healing

competition, abandonment, rejection jealousy, lack, and gossip

With sisters who want to forgive and be forgiven.

With sisters who want to release Victim.

To discover the medicine, the gifts we bring through an honest council of shared experience on our shadows with the our Mother

To bring forward The Dark, the Mean, that our sisters triggered in us #sacredmedicine

Are you ready to go there?

I am called by Her for an offering for the sisters who want to work below the waterline

We pray for humility. For regeneration. For harmony through the conflict.

This is part of the Mermaid Temple journey from the Red Thread to the White Ray 🌸 We call Inanna. All is love.

This is integration of Medicine Woman wounding.

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