Dearest friends and family,

My empathy and heart-song is with all of you during this collective ceremony of change, mystery, and healing. We are all experiencing it differently, and it is important that we all meet one another where they are at, with compassion and grace. There is a saying that it doesn't matter what happens in the end, but how truly kind we were to one another. I believe that with all my heart. As I am imagining us all spiraling through the birth canal of the mother, I am trusting her to birth us in the way that is perfect for each of us. We truly are all in this together.

Below is a collection of my musings, dated since the beginning of Covid-19. If you want to receive my daily musings, please add me on Facebook at Eliza Natura Sophia.

February 12 ·

Last year while swimming with the dolphins, they corrected my language and understandings. I was speaking of "New Earth" / "New Paradigm", and they stopped me right there and said, no. What you are here to do is a "Return to Love".

They explained that the 'ascension energies' within New Earth and New Paradigm are still separating us. That it is not 'it'.

They showed me the violence that exists within those frequencies as thinking we are special, different, more awake, more unique and beautiful, more in tune or more likable by Spirit, or Earth or the Cosmos, or more likable by the dolphins themselves... because of stories of who we are, what we believe, and what we know. It is all so personal.

The dolphins explained how that is a false grid. There are no special chosen ones. There is not a scale that can weigh who is more awake than someone else. That is not 'it'. The ones who appear to be a chosen one for 'ascension' are self-proclaimed or riding an agenda spaceship.

The ones who are here to lead in the Return to Love don't speak of themselves as separate from even the most twisted embodiments of a human.

February 17 ·

Sickness is purposeful.

When you are trying so hard not to get sick, or doing everything you can to get better... please consider that your body knows what it is doing & give it space to do it.

🌊 Ride the waves, let it happen, don’t hang on, and trust your body intelligence & self-cleansing mechanisms.

Healing is not working to get better, it is being SUPPORTED as you witness the 'innate intelligence of you' work it out.

Make sure you have a place where you can be supported in your sickness - and listen deeply before trying to change your body’s purging response.

Take the time to realize the conditions that brought you to sickness, and take the time to not take them personally anymore.

You heal when you accept without shame that your body knows what you need, and you (we as a collective) haven’t been acting on that.

We are ALL purging right now. Very much needed for this next layer of evolution. Let it goooooo ✌️ 💗

February 28 ·

After a magical one is accepted by self {deeply} for their extraordinary, otherworldly, etheric, alien, out of this world, angelic etc, qualities

One can shed the separateness; the extraterrestrial cloth, and integrate fully in the salt of the earth.

One gets started on why they are here in the first place. 🌈☀️

March 10 ·

Your ability to be exempt to this virus and all related is not impressive. It is your ability to love and support those affected that counts. 🌹

A thing about extremes is that they still maintain balance in spectrum. As far as an extreme goes in one direction, the opposite extreme also goes contrarily.

A thing about sovereignty is that if you are able to maintain it, you can achieve balance in either / both sides of the extreme.

From here, you shift into multidimensional embodiment, and can assist in healing without causing harm to self or others.

I chose to exit the matrix for the past month. I understand this is a privilege just as much as I understand the responsibility that comes with it, and I've never felt better.

Through many quantum naps and much merger with the divine, I am now able to maintain my extreme of bliss, peace, and health; while also supporting the other extreme, and meeting them where they are at whole heartedly.

Upon re-entry, I am better seeing what is going on and where I can shift my ways for the return to love.

If you are a leader in the alternative health community and slyly shaming the general population for being scared, or you are inside a conspiracy theory as a way to try and explain-heal this collective energy parasite, please consider taking a back seat. Exit the matrix for a bit for your own healing.

The virus is much deeper than anything a doctor or common sense could qualify or quantity. It is a phenomenon outside of this realm and if you are stuck here, the healing isn't working.

I see this rampant in the alternative health community as incapacity to hold love due to own wounding / lack of love & lack of tolerance for the growth of the collective.

Take a rest, and settle yourself into the realm of blessings. Bathe well into the bliss extreme, then come back to your place of power and privilege in the matrix after a good and thorough cleanse.

Upon re-entry, you might see where the love was lacking in your previous approach. I certainly am & needed the extreme spectrum to go to the max (as the bliss / sickness extreme is now) so I could charge up.

From the break, I am now clear, high-powered, and anchored in both extremes for multi-dimensional healing embodiment... unable to be faded by the chaos, but able to meet it there for the good work.

March 11 ·

Try these on:

💛I trust you are doing what you know is best for you and your family. 💛I see how much you love your family! They are lucky to have you. 💛Your loving care is the best medicine!

March 11 ·

Our plant medicines, healthy foods & natural remedies are only as sustainable as our relationships to them.

Medicine people, in sharing lists of natural medicines that support, this is still working within the realm of cerebral cortex... surface healing. Of course this can take away symptoms, but people are ready for more. They want to learn the spiritual piece / the feminine peace within mystery.

I had an experience last night on the airplane where the entire class of seats I was in asked for my support. They saw me connecting to my rosemary plant & essential oil, and working with it in harmonious purpose. Anointing, spraying, shaking. They all asked for my help.

We doused the plane in rosemary while speaking to the spirit of the plant, and connecting deeply with it. I anointed many. People all exclaimed new relations such as they never smelled it that sweetly before or felt so safe from a plant.

It was amazing... the stillness that came afterwards.

All slept like babies, no fear of germs, anxiety, etc.

People are looking for this connection. They want to learn how to trust the natural world more than just being given a list of what works. It’s the opportunity to bring our medicine to the most unexpected places.

March 13 ·

Don’t box in what the higher purpose / medicine of this virus is for the collective. Don’t box in what the remedies are and exactly what they will do. Let the divine take this further then we can imagine.

It’s okay to be in the mystery, and not know. It’s okay to not have answers. It’s actually good. 💫

March 15 ·

It is important for shamanic embodiments to hold space for all of the stories, narratives, beliefs, and myths to rise and be heard for the unique brilliance that they are.

To be appreciated for how they are trying to survive 💗

Admiring the artist inside who needs to put rhyme to reason to be safe.

We have the capacity to hold space for it all, just as the Divine Mother does, without trying to change it, qualify it, or quantify it.

When we do this, stories have opportunities to play out in one day - stories which could have taken lifetimes - but within this collective energy portal of transformation, there is the right ‘pressure’ for mass miracles to occur now.

This is the ceremony. Your appreciation for it is the medicine.

Watch the stories all rise and fall, and rise and fall again. Go with them to all the dark crevices of the mind, and a little deeper still into the reaction of painbody in uncertainty.

Witness in every facet what forms from the painbody of uncertainty.

Witness the pits of despair, and the gifts emerging too. Love them, and appreciate it all so it is safe to be heard fully and completely - without you trying to fix it... which is how one can rebirth in sovereignty. 🤍

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Updated: May 6, 2020

You might have heard me say, Natura Sophia is a REBIRTHING lineage.

In every sense, rebirthing. Just as much as this lineage is remembering itself from ancient story, it is also alive, fluid, and constantly churning by reciprocity between the Earth, the Cosmos, and oracular knowing of our own human embodiment.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, Natura Sophia is the lineage of the Mermaid Temple of the Womb. Hello, my name is Eliza (, and I first came across the idea when I was studying principles of Rudolf Steiner in graduate school for Anthropology of Consciousness. It was a golden key that crystalized everything in my life up to that point, and also halted my thesis on the Phenomenology of Ayahuasca.

Natura Sophia arrived within me, and I became pregnant with this lineage as I would be a child. I dove into experiencing life in devotion to myself and this remembrance. The scholarly information offered a basis for grounded, organized, and integrative context that for the next seven years would catalyze the foundation of Natura Sophia as a living, breathing, shamanic way of relating with the world.

In all senses of the word, Natura Sophia is ancient. It is myth, mysticism, blood song, and storytelling. Magdalene midwifery, womb shamanism along with plant and mermaid shamanism weave effortlessly into this work. I access the memories from within my womb; all the women who practice this lineage do, and we recognize it as beginning to take form in Lemuria, but many memories are also 'before' this time.

As I am preparing the materials for the Natura Sophia School (opening January 2021), the ancients within my womb who are tending the remembering are continually shapeshifting how the material is presented, and how it is to be studied.

It isn't supposed to be a book, or a Priestess course, or a mystery school, or just something self-studied.

Natura Sophia is firstly accessible, divinely simple, and a shamanic (deeply magical) lived experience. It cannot be separate from ANY aspects of you. It is a lifestyle; a complete weaving of divine will through all elements, all times & spaces, all moments of remembering, acknowledgments of uniqueness, and an honoring of both the great wounding and the rebirthing cycle, the birth & death.

Natura Sophia is an embodiment of the paradoxes of BEING, and the sprouting that comes from I remember, ‘now what' ...

These are some of the gorgeous women who have been taking this journey with me.

I am honoring these women in the death passage... in the undeniable invitation to die that occurs within organic happenings of shamanic initiation.

The initiation that is also the learned realization that when we wake up, we get sick. We purge, and we purge some more.

We learn that healing has nothing to do with trying to get better, trying to ascend, or trying to surpass death.  And we forget to remember just as much as we remember to forget.

We are re-calibrating our cells, trusting our physiological response to live, learning the inner world of our nervous system; and all the ways from which we relate with ourselves in this world.

Ways to connect with the Natura Sophia Lineage: