There will be many great distractions away from the Earth. Away from Her.

Temptations of infertile worth. I will not sway into intoxication by plastic dreams and rodeo trends.

But I will sway with the wind. I will be malleable, bendable like the thin bone of the temple wave.

The strongest bone is the flexible bone.

I will not sway from Her.

I was born here upon this red wet earth to be with Her. To merge with Her.

To court the heart of this planet

and tone of Her womb waters.

To be dissolved by the absolute divine neutrality of nature until there is nothing left within me but the mountain.

Through all the distraction of what is right, what is health, what is future, what is wealth, what is sacred -

I will return to The Earth and sink deeper in still.

From the stillness, Sophia moves me.

I will not confuse healing with less pain. I will not confuse nature with machine. I will not confuse God with crown chakra.

I will not confuse Her for tricks of the trade, manifestation, or laws of attraction.

Yes, She flows through us all, and yet, I am certain that I am here to be her flow.

To wash away the false face, the next best thing, the assembly line - the agenda to silence her fullness in favor of something easier to swallow.

Her brilliance has been too much to bare. Her vibrancy unable to be encapsulated.

She is not popped like a vitamin, cannot be bought, traded, or sold.

She holds little value to the weighted heart.

The weighted heart seeking desperately to alleviate the suffering.

It hurts so bad you might die, you say?

Put down your healing, And Behold Her.

Let Her In Deeper still

She is not something to overcome, Beloved.

- Eliza

This is sacred, and not yours to “fix”🕷

It can be shocking to see where our friends are at via conditioning or being easily influenced & to watch them ride the rollercoaster can be even more unsettling - when entangled in controlling their process.

This is what a healer of the Divine Mother does though. We hold space for it all.

“I have capacity to hold space for it all to play out” 🙏🏻

& the capacity comes from untangling my control of you.

I am seeing clearly where we are at internally, on individual levels, and what is going on within someone’s healing journey. This is not so I can fix it (especially with those closest to me! 👻shout out to my husband lol)

These knowings lead me deeper into knowing nothing. Nothing more, nothing less.

I haven’t been confused or in fog yet, and I haven’t left the mystery. From experience, fog comes when I try to manipulate with my knowing due to fear of nature / the Earth’s seasons and cycles (fear of death).

Magic is applying to me left and right to carry out its energy. This kind of magic isn’t for me anymore.

Holy holy hell, I see you because I am not scared of you aka I am not separating myself from you. Enticing me with ways to fix people’s illusions. It knows just what to show me to try and make me snap my fingers / snap someone (the energy) to a different plane of consciousness that would be more “comfortable” for me.

I made an oath with Sophia (Goddess) that I would never do that again. It’s how I found my own solace. And I see how much that is serving my health - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual - during this war.

Lots of magic has a mind of its own. It is not bound to time nor space, and it is influenced by all the practitioners who touch it when hungry for some comfort aka riding the wave to manifest to their satisfactions / what they are “worth” and what they “deserve” (stemming from fears, addictions, discomfort, illusion).

It comes from a wounded sacral, the forbidden womb aka from the trauma of the primordial mother wound.

Once energy has been manipulated by personal will, the flow of it remains with agenda until it is embodied by the Divine through the neutrality of the human.

I see the war in this manipulation world currently - those hungry for fake safety and rank - and it is becoming increasingly enticing to catch a wave of ‘fix’ / ‘manipulate’ / ‘control’.

I see how this is an invitation beyond and deeper in for me.

As someone who has privilege to see what is happening 'shamanically', and also not be scared, nor want for anything, I can tell my medicine here is to not “fix” anyone’s illusions.

What a disservice. This is a sacred evolutionary healing.

I see illusions like weather patterns that we all experience differently.

Your veil to move through is not the same as the next person’s holographic experience.

This is your process of approval of Self.

Warriors! I love you! <3


🎶 Round and round Like a circle in a spiral A wheel within a wheel ( my favorite childhood song )

Aloha dear ones. This is a continuation of my posts on social media about our current liminal healing crisis and portal to awakening. You can find hundreds of comments from people's experiences on the posts themselves. May they offer insight and connection in our hearts. Love, Eliza

March 16 ·

So medicine people, have you fully tried the fear on for size?

How about the sickness... have you journeyed it?

And I don’t mean journeyed it for messages, or more stories and reasons about why this is happening // our lessons. I’ve hit the snooze button on that.

I’m talking about letting yourself completely go there; into this situation as the medicine. Bathe in all that is happening now.

It is one of my favorite hobbies, and also just what I know I am here to do in general.

After my clients tomorrow, I have nothing for the upcoming 5 days. And I’m going to dive in. Without any intention, or attempt to control your response, what have you experienced in your body?

March 17 ·

Dear ones have asked for more information on womb consciousness in shamanic healing / how to go deeper into the ceremony of Now.

If you are someone who doesn’t have the capacity to not remain calm and collected, this isn’t for you, and that’s entirely okay. 🌸

You know I’m all about womb warrior training by now, yeah? Lol, here we go.

I believe it is important for womb medicine people, ready and willing —> to make the descent to sacred union.

This is a choice to find the fear inside of you, and integrate it as divine mother does.

To choose LOVE as sustainable in your body forever through embodying all source consciousness as such including the fear.

How can you rearrange your days to be silent enough to be still enough to go into the fear & irritation into the body pain (without meaning) - into the power struggle - and BECOME what is underneath?

To FEEL the part of you that is trying to survive, and ask it be to LOUDER?

Can you invite the dragon - the creature, the animal - to come alive? Awaken. 🐉 Embody.

Our creatures don’t come forward with hushing fear, with silencing the struggle, with meanings, or with staying sane.

They come through when you get *lost* in it. They come through without intention for them to do so. They awaken in moments of inhibition.

When you dare to let go, to release control, release your stability, and when you forget any prospects of staying ‘sane’ through this... freedom is able to breathe and the rebirth begins. You gotta risk it. 💫

Create your container. Call in your ancestral support and spiritual guidance. You have tools. I trust we are capable. I am here for support and I know others are too.

Take turns in full uninhibited expression, hysteria perhaps, panic, haunted, tantrum, screaming in terror, maybe... whatever comes up for the one inside (who maybe even is just a tiny tiny little pin prick size) in threats of survival.

Unravel it... overreact, be dramatic, irrational, and it can feel like a performance... until it just isn’t anymore.

This is how you can journey Now as medicine and find the YOU: open, clear, connected - fresh & without any tethers.

& return to love. Inanna Rakma🌹

March 20 ·

As we fall we rise As we rise we fall

All will approach this portal to sacred union in their own time, space, rhyme, and reason.

All must give their own unique consent for the sacred union to merge within. Coercion is not consent. Fixing is not healing. The spiral of shame is going to exhaust itself eventually. Let it be.

Healers have been waiting for the collective to realize how sick we are, and now it’s happening. This is not new. Everyone is sick; and now, everyone knows it. It just so happens that we needed a name and vehicle for it to manifest importance & awareness. For it to m o v e...

As the virus moves through, Mother Earth comes back. Bluer skies, fresher water. As the sickness moves through, your connection to source comes back. Your awareness of all that you are bubbles to the surface. Purposeful.

No one is better or worse for it - for the sickness manifesting in any which way - and the way they work it. It is here, and from here, we return.

Some of us ask for the sickness so we can move through and integrate on our own terms. Others run, some hide, many wish to take it in smaller doses. Some have no choice. So if you can, choose as you please.

No matter the method, we are all moving through the portal to sacred union together. We all find our way or no one does.

Of human & divine Of heaven & hell Of cosmos & womb Of masculine & feminine Of organic & technology Of right & wrong Of better & worse

We are all purging our separation and disconnection from Gaia, together. Honoring every aspect present in me, you, and all so it can be seen and integrated. You are not exempt from the shift. No one is more special, or more deserving of health, or more immune than another.

Purge it & merge it. As you rise, fall just as far. As you fall, rise just as high. Take what you need and give when you have. We return to love by recognizing it is ALL alive as such. #ReturnToLove