Mission Statement

You are worthy of love, nurturing, and retreat.

We believe self-actualization in healing exploration is vital. 

Of course there is support along the way,

and the guidance we recieve is invaluable;

but ultimately, it's the responsibility of each individual to heal.

 Only you can surrender to something greater than yourself.

In that surrender, we graciously recognize Great Spirit, and become one within.

We have faith in the process; through the muck, and the mire, and the sunshine.




About Us

The RSL team consists of people dedicated to a life of service, consciousness exploring, health, sustainability, and growth. We are energy workers, vibrational healers, medicine men and women, intuitives, alchemists, bodyworkers, shamanic practitioners, yoga instructors, Reiki Masters, singers, musicians, dancers, flow artists, poets, creative community members, visiting professionals; students of life! The following are the property's permanent residents; all of whom are practitioners.

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Elizabeth Stephen

Patrick Delaney

To awaken, we energize cells, emotions, thoughts, and spirits that have lain dormant within and around us. We are essentially awakening vibrations, or particles and waves, the matter of which we are made, and creates our holistic Self. The essence of practice at Rise & Shine, Love is vibrational.  Our practitioners guide your holistic Self to grasp the self-healing capabilities within us all.  Simply, we help you discover how to heal yourself. We help eachother to remember. We illuminate pathways to treat illness, disease, discomfort, ancestral patterns, and trauma; while also stimulating an energetic understanding through vibrational medicines, plant medicines, healing energy, and various consciousness modalities. The Services list contains the various forms of healing, exploration, and development skills that we offer.  Our practitioners are passionate about working with your talents, abilities, personality, conditioning, and paradigm to reach your inner core, subconscious, and belief system. We work to cleanse, balance, bring clarity, and advance your personal experience of wellness.